“Neighborhood Skreetcher Tree Peeker Mystery”

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bigfoot’s BEEN  TREE PEEKING in our Neighborhoods!!
The History of the “Neighborhood Skreetcher Tree Peeker Mystery”

There is quite a lot of material on big foot  and some things you read here may
be un-common or hard for some folks to believe possible, that’s ok and I’m not
going to lie. From my experiences over many years I have kept compiling info
from my experiences and this book is to let whoever is interested find out for

First let me say that I’m not in the crowd that’s trying to prove
they exist. If you need proof, then by taking what I have to offer you will
increase your odds of having a Class B for sure and Class A, well that’s takes
pure luck or total skill!

This is a conversation that’s asks…

 How do we Locate,
Observe, study, support and protect, not spook or disturb the Tree Peekers (BF)

 that are around…and which techniques are working to create habituated hominids, in that,
certain researchers or just “off the grid” folks that have developed
relationships including love and Trust… Everything we do is approached within a
Respectful Way and this is the core value guiding how we will engage these

What I have here is my accounts of researching certain sub-urban and industrial
areas of Northern California around the San Francisco Bay over many years. My
observations became concentrated in 2000 after having seen a BF in Klamath
Nat’l. Forest.

  I started noticing the Hominoids when I was a kid playing in the Marin County
Open Space…Rolling hills of seven kinds of Oaks, Pines, Fur, Eucalyptus, Mapel Alder Willow  Sgt. cyprus, Acasias,  Redwood  Bay Larells  & Madrone and Manzanitas.   When we would hear them they were always just out of sight….knocking and whistling then
one night me and my friends were out in the evening and heard a sound a skreetch we couldn’t identify! So I was now going to find out what the heck that was.

For the rest of that summer of 1977’ I’d always hear but never see what made the
screams, we made up all kinds of imaginary beasts! We kids of the neighborhood
would be playing out in the street just past dusk when up in the hills there
would be something crunching around and then screech!

 It was so unearthly so NOT
normal for animals in these parts. It sounded more like a Howler monkey type of
resonance and once we saw reddish orange glowing eyes… and ‘it’ was quite the
chatter amongst us kids but only my best friend Eugene was able to put it in

first without telling me out- right what it was. When we were out in the
hills just me & him & perhaps his sister, he would whoop whoop and they’d
sometimes whoop back and I just thought it was cool and BF well.. I wasn’t
convinced yet …

he related to ‘them’ like a person, a sort of magical friend that was hiding over in the woods just out of site…I didn’t quite get it at first  but we were out in the woods day & night in that summer

when school & rains came, this ‘game’ kind of faded as we didn’t hear it as we were not ‘oput there when they were

so we dropped it. But later that next early spring out checking out mushroom I came upon
entrails of a deer that had been somehow ripped apart with the guts spilled out
and the carcass strewn about in a area that was not where hikers go…I wondered
what kind of a hunter would do that?Then I noticed the vital organs were
missing … the kill was less than an hour old …? I was a kid and in my mind it
had to be a Human… I came across the same scenes three times basically in the
same “woods” maybe a mile or two apart at different times.  I never forgot those
few times.

I have a lot of ‘funny’ storys from those “Kid Days” playing in the
woods lots and lots… More of those later.


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