Monkey Bite

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I knew what I experienced. I now went on my way, let go of whatever it was, I
was satisfied I saw it… I knew I saw it. I have always been a hiker naturalist
birder, wild crafter etc. and so I still always continued to spend time out in
the woods whenever I could. The only other consistant events that would happen
when ever I would go with a girl out to the woods at night to be sexual, there
would usually be a ‘something’ crashing sometimes screech but mostly just try to
get real close and scare the fun right out of us! For the next 10 years I would
be traveling in rock bands and lived in the suburbs of Los Angles and had one
class B in the Angeles Crest National Forrest the Mountains surrounding the LA
area a place called Switzers Canyon. Just big knocks in the middle of the
night.  It was December 8, 1980. At the time I thought what I heard was the
Bighorn sheep knocking heads up above me. But later when I actually saw and
heard bighorns ramming I realized that sound I heard was bigger than that so I
made a mental note and filed it.

In the 1996 I was working with Developmentally challenged guy who needed
exercise so I took him twice a week out into the woods where I used to hang out
as a boy and had those intense encounters not really caring if they were out
there or not most likely not as there’s been so much development since the “cow
town” I grew up in.

And I noticed stick signs when I was out there a few times on Mt. Tamalpias and
wondered who’s putting these sticks like this…why? Tipi shapes and the usual
snapped off green breaks. And I heard other kinds of sounds of some people
talking when I was way out there? I thought sounds like a foreign language I’ll
hide and not let the “intruders” see me and I’m waiting… waiting to see who was
coming up the path…no-one?…I could have swore people were talking and coming
my way what happened to them? There’s no easy way to go around… I’m puzzling
then I heard a tree break and crash downhill from me. Never saw a thing but I
heard it. So I’m out there wondering what was going on, never put it together it
was the Homi’s! Intrigued I brushed it off go away another day and another time
another place and something class B again, and it became a like…I’m going for a
hike, let’s see if anything weird goes down and if so what will it take before I
actually really have to know how it’s occurring?

. Now at that time I didn’t once think about Bigfoot being the culprit because I
had it that what I saw back in high school was an “escaped” Baboon.  In fact it
was a teenager hominoid that I surprised that night. So I didn’t really care so
much that it, “something,” was “over there”, still or yet again, after all these
years. During that time I never equated the sounds with BF so this sort of thing
went on for many years!

Some years later August 2000 when I was in the Klamath River Basin on the north
side of Scott Valley. I went back behind a friends property mt biking and took a
short cut up a steep embankment towards a logging road. I put the bike on my
shoulder and went up quietly walking through the oak and pines and stopped half
way to check a low lying ladder-back woodpecker’s home when just behind me I
hear a RIPPING of wood! I got a chill as I feel the size and force behind the
sound of whatever it was gouging a tree. As I looked I see a big black hairy
thing hunched over with its head in a huge dead oak tree stump I think “Bear “
and my blood surge’s with adrenaline then as it steps back and I see it’s not a
bear it’s a SQUATCH! It was too busy eating termites and hadn’t notice me yet,
so down the hill I went back the way I came as smoothly and silently as I could
go till I could ride the bike and I was flying to my friends ranch house and was
visibly shaken…I saw a bigfoot no doubt about it… and was now fascinated by what
I saw and needed to understand more so I got on the Internet! I started looking
on the web and found EVERYBODY was talking about Sasquatch! The conversation of
Proof & how there’s no good evidence, blah blah blah…So ok how hard can it be? I
went to one of those BF web sites and they were advertising that expeditions
were open to the public so I paid and I went…I learned a few useful things like
driving 15 SUV’s into a wilderness area, jumping out and knocking, imitating
howls or call blasting wasn’t fooling them much or interesting them. It was
likely pissing them off and I was awe struck by the lack of basic tact and
respectful approach to the obvious King of the Forrest and Master of Stealth.
The best part of doing it was connecting with other enthusiasts and especially
the campy folk singers singing Bigfoot songs all night.


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