Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

A week after the coldesac event I was over at a friend’s who’s beautiful home is
bumped up against an open space and adjacent state park.

It overlooks the bay
and is pretty much mt bikers and some hikers only sticking to the managed
trails. It’s cut off from the wild corridor by the 101 freeway, houses built
almost all the way around with major metro along the far west portion. It was
10:30 pm & we’re outside in the back yard,

I’m telling my friend about my
experience the week before and imitating sounds when out of the dark a way too
long and strong for a bird or human whistle just 60 yards away into the open
space surrounded by houses! And no doubt it was listening to me imitate them and
couldn’t keep it together and lets me know it’s listening and was miffed. That
was it. I was on to ‘em now. I started spending more time in this area sometimes
all night staying up listening for/to them.

Knocking, singing, calling,
whistling, leaving food offerings and they were into it too. I had habituation
started and when life got too busy to be out in those areas the relationship
suffered. It ‘would take a while, a day or two, till I’d make contact again but
that 08 summer they were waiting for me when I’d arrive.

I’d just turned off the engine, pause, and then CRACK! They were close in the
Manzanita letting everyone know I was there and a sort of “heads up” and they
were already hiding waiting to play hide smash crash or knock and I seek! So
many times I would carefully, slowly move into position and I was being quite
moving slow and looking around listening for the slightest sounds up into the
woods. I’d stalk and then somewhere 100 yards or so behind,

 yes back where I had
just been, they’d walk away loudly t

o let me know I’d walked right passed

this happens enough for me to know they are so daring and patience
to stay low and still and watching thru the grass, twigs, un noticed in the
brush totally attune to the environments every movement or vibration.


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