Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most times I’d go out early in the morning as I’d wake up to their sounds
outside and listen out the second story bathroom window, looking over the fences
and I hear different ones around and get my night vision and go out after them.
Once I saw a teenager enter the neighbors directly behind us backyard, straight
out the window, black against the white house. It’s slowly creeping along
silently looking nervously around and it goes into the garden and disappears
behind the fence. A few minutes later There’s a ‘sounding off’ from one up on
the hill at the edge of the wilds, a rhythmic sounding sort of imitating a
bovine, staccato, BROOOP BROOOP BROOOP three times pause a minute and then all
in different places around the hood crack! Hoo,POW, knock, click and bang
splatterbang crash!

 And I look as the teenager in a super graceful movements
leaps over the fence on the far side and runs across the street to a side house
gate and gone!

They would cross to a school then into the open space around the
school. They had a scout or look out on the corner across from the school where
they would watch and feel/listen to us humans in our nightly routines until
around midnight when the collective has gone to bed they have been in position
stealthily communicating using sounds so high we can’t really hear them we, (my
then companion & myself)

more feel them when they occur and there is something to
 I notice that when
I go to a new area where they never met me I can get them to think I’m a new
“visitor” and evoke some sort of response & usually if they’re around they will
respond. Until they figure out that it’s me or us… once that occurs they
switch their communications to more “subtle’ so that if you’re knocking It’s
clearly not fooling them so they they decide to knock back or Not…just wait
and see how many “sounds” or calls you have and how you do it, they notice
everything you do is communicating & becomes your “signature” encrypted with
your feel, strength, presence, the knockers tone and the tree or rock your
banging on, all of it communicates who you are and they never forget. Even if a
whole year goes by when I return they know it’s me and how do I know? because of
the way they do thier sounding off warning protocols. It’s diffrent than


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