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My friend called said he heard one scream a bunch the night before 1-2 am near
his house so that night I set off at 12am with my little micro recorder …He
lived in a suburban track homes with a golf course that was woven into the
neighborhood. It had little ponds down the center of it and it was the only
water for a long ways and during the drought everything was coming out of the
hills to drink I walked to the end of the street next to the woods where it had
been heard screeching the night before. And as I approach the end of the road
1mile up it screams …it’s way way up there so I moved into a position under it
where the road was cut away into the hill and was a wall about 16ft high and
crouched next to it while the screamer up above me & back a bit up the ridge,
got closer each time sounding off …it was a full moon, warm clear and bright. I
was at the wild end of the golf course at the top of a long par five fairway.
There was a fairly large oak tree right in front of me and I could see way down
the fairway the water shimmering in the moonlight at the end. It moved so close
it was right above me and I’m so scared just frozen holding my breath! It lets
out a scream and jumps from 16ft to the street and lands with ease 5 ft away
right in front of me! As it landed it went down to all fours yet on its finger
tips not palms like a push-up putting its nose down to right next to the street
and was facing away from me sniffs and stands up looks quickly at me, screams
then sprung like a cat from there to 10ft to the branches of the oak. Moves
through like a primate and out the other side which, with the downhill, was at
least twenty feet and then running like a human and jumping like a kangaroo its
stride un broken all the way down the fairway screeching rhythmically as  ran up
right with a stride that was so fluid. As it was running it was striding 1-2
jump 1-2 jumps and it was moving away faster than anything natural. In the
moment  it realized I was right there, it looked at me our eyes met and I could
plainly see it was a primate for sure about the same size  as me then 5’5 and it
looked like a??? Baboon…!!!
Immediately my mind went to the people down the street with an ocelot in the
garage and those other folks with monkeys and peacocks, hmm, rich people can buy
whatever they want… someone’s baboon got away and was living wild in Marin!
That’s it! Case closed what about the times with more than a few screaming
around out there? Baboons too. A couple got away and is breeding… logical.  So
I play my tape and everyone ridicules me and my story calling me a hoaxer. I was
so bummed out…

  1. Jenice Story says:

    Hi There, I am loving your blog and am wondering if we have met before. You have mentioned areas near my cabin on the Russian River and also other areas where I have lived or owned a home and Property (Hayfork, Trinity County), etc. I have also checked out Mt. Tam with a friend and weent on an expedition with the BFRO where I was the only woman. Anyway, would love to dicuss Russian River areas and what not. Please reply to me via facebook or my email jenicestory@yahoo.com.

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