Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

1980 summer the screecher was at it again. They’d come around dusk and sound off
above the neighborhood from the ridge. Now some of my friends had heard it some
had not…it was a hot debate amongst the “cool” older kids who were all acting
like skeptics, yet too scared to wonder out there in the dark to find out for
themselves, having heard it or not, they were not going to support our truth
through experience, “Nothings out there” “you guys are going to come up on the
wrong side of a lion” (actually that was a probability)… which drove me to go
out there determined! I was going to find out what it was…I wasn’t afraid at all
when I was confronted with being laughed at! My anger fueled my fearless
determination. I was out there when everyone was sleeping perched in a treehouse
listening to the sounds of the Oaks Madrones, Laurels, Manzanitas, Buckeyes &
Pines thinking … Even though it was an “unknown” shrieking banshee… possibly
able to catch and rip apart deer…then Hollywood horror movies, particularly
werewolves, would catch up to me and become an exercise in self determination to
go beyond my fears. When I’m standing alone in the dark woods in the distance a
very loud unknown shrieking sound it’s then my mind would flash in my view some
crazy werewolf tearing my arms & legs off and tossing me in a tree…the impulse
to run as fast as possible out of the woods would often be my instant option and
it took a number of years to master “fight or flight” over reaction mechanism in
the emotional body. This piece controlling my fight or flight is a rush that is
the addictive part of Squatchin, for me, the way I feel after a close encounter
is amazing. I love it! This is why I am still out there after 30
30 + Years getting my fix of the rush of encountering “the Boss of the woods!”


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