Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

They have certain responses to different things. When they recognize you or
think you maybe another Hominoid, there’s usually no intimidation crashes or
threats. Just a particular tone or whoop that lets the others know who’s
approaching or a single knock that is done by the tongue “POP” against the
pallet “pop” with a perfect resonance that would be hard to replicate hitting a
tree …usually when they’re real close less than 100 yards and already in
position hiding I’ll be passing through and “pop” sort of “Hi surprise” I have
also had experienced that feeling of hypnotic trance trying to over take me…
like a dream that your eye’s are heavy and hard to keep open…don’t know what
that is but it’s real. We also feel “scanned” like something is moving through
one side of the body and there’s a weird tingling feeling and some hair raising,
goose bumps like something electromagnetically searching and connecting then
reading …our energy, our thoughts, our Feelings…
and if they don’t like you they won’t let you know they’re out there just simply
disappear or never appear…on the other hand if you are not in a funky head
space,  have generally a warm and loving disposition and are in their space
consistently calm and unthreatening, No cameras or recorders visible,
eventually, curiously, they get intrigued and will “play” with you in some way.

This is always interesting… if you can redirect/control your fear! It’s very
challenging to stay cool and calm whenever ones close by and You are ALONE,
nobody would know where I was if I was to be unable to leave the forrest on my
own power! This can be uncontrolable and if panic stricken in the woods it could
be a problem.


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