iN tHE hoods!

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

)(ommision of paranormal incident)(

7What happened to him well I have a theory but we’ll discuss that later on. Back
in my own haunts again all re-activated with an “I can solve this” attitude and
some experience with how NOT to do it.  I started to just go out to “practice”
for when I would be in real BF territory like the expedition type areas. I went
out near my house and listened to the woods and find a good tree with TONE some place and do some
practice knocks, 1-Knock and wait… Knock  knock knock by God I’d hear return knocks!

Now I wasn’t
expecting anything, I was practicing, experimenting for when I would go to more
remote “wilderness areas,” so I was really surprised and elated when; I got that
what I was hearing, “calling back to me” and warnings to each other with woops
cries and rock knocks, long, long whistles…and here’s the kicker..IN THE OPEN
SPACE NEXT TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD right where I lived! At first I was very surprised
to find BF in areas surrounded by houses!  At first it kind of blew my circuits
rearranging my reality, just the revelation there’s Hominoids in my
neighborhood! That’s enough for anybody that’s not living with a “real”
wilderness next to them. This was less than 20 miles from San Francisco!
Now everyone expects BF to be way out there in remote wilderness areas not in
the suburbs right?  So when a few weeks later, 30 miles north, this night I end
up leaving a friend’s house early in the morning about 4:00 am. I was outside
standing in a well lit cul-de-sac surrounded by three year old duplex’s lining
the streets of this subdivision I suddenly hear CRACK a few houses down then
across the street behind the fence a single rock knock return, what? I look then
behind me and standing on the far side of the back fence was a BF looking at me
with the 7 ft fence coming to its chest and just then another crack a block
away… and I’m not believing what I’m experiencing… cuz I’m in a neighborhood
with lights and dogs & people and again crack again now from another side …all
around in this subdivision and my friend, what are they up too? I’m listening to
their movements trying to count how many different places I hear them…
communicating… it even seemed like maybe they were stalking a deer or dog as I
heard a scuffle that was like hooves on pavement then a violent animal scuffle
sounds like a cross between a cat and dog fight… standing there I felt suddenly
uneasy with the violent sounds and just then my friend comes out and is in a
hurry and when I tried to shh and direct her to listen she ignored me hurried
opened up got in and started up! As we were leaving I scanned the streets trying
to get my mind around that BF was in the hoods here too! I went back to the
place later that week during the day and expected there to be wild lands around…
there was not! It was only older established suburbia with 60’s & 70’s houses
and sprinkles of Victorian era farms with orchards etc… The only wild strip
was a few miles away! That means they were trekking through neighborhoods at
quite a distance from “normal” or “expected” BF habitat. So now it was on…I had
to find out how close to cities did they wander near or even hang out by…


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