mOM & bABE

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

so I began going out in Marin at night and discovered there’s a mom and a baby
that visited a certain neighborhood regularly on trash night leaving her little
one up on a hill top calling out like a rhythmic owl (but not quite) and the
answer from the hill top was a quail? At 3:30 am?  So I do a couple rock knocks
and little one breaks radio silence thinking I’m his relative and starts
expressing it’s self excitedly from a 1/3 mile away and starts in my direction
chattering like a chimp and mom way down the hill next to the 711 sounds off a
“what’s going on up there” hoot hoot and is moving quickly thru the spaces
between the houses sounding off every 10 seconds. She’s really moving fast
towards me on a hilltop between them. So I drop the apples cookies and carrots
for them there And run back down into the houses because she has to walk out in
the open and I will clearly have the advantage since I’ve seen them first! I
make it into position next to a big pine on the edge over looking where she’s
coming from…I have my camera and my silly plan was to wait in position and
jump out and snap her shot and pray! So as she’s getting closer her little one
appears on the ridge across and is agitated and the mom does this soothing-coo
that even soothed me and then she appeared at the end of the driveway that was
50 yards long and a foot thick concrete…I see her standing in the shadow
silhouette next to the garage door. She takes a long deep sniff that I can hear
and on her out breath she “Harrumph!” and stomps her feet BOOM BOOM on the
cement and all the way down the driveway I shook where I stood frozen in wonder
and surprise! It was like a Ti chi master shock wave she sent towards me.

She turned jumped off the side and glided down behind the houses and just as she
was about to walk out in the open between houses a light comes on She freezes in the shadow against the house and a side
door to the garage opens and someone’s going to get in their car and go to work
she’s frozen in the shadow 15 feet from this unsuspecting commuter. Jumps in his
car and she slips past and meets up with her little one and they head back out
to the wilds I follow just to acknowledge our encounter and they don’t offer any
back disappearing into the dawn.
I would bump into them once more a few months later in the area that I used to
hear them as a kid and she did the same” sniff harrumph” then went back into the
woods. She recognised my scent no dout.

  1. Dione Ardania- Emerson says:

    Another great story. Don’t mess with a mama and her baby:) You must have gotten quite good at your calls for the baby to have been tricked. I dig how you describe the feelings that they give you. You have written about it in several stories, fighting off the feeling of being (psychically?) overtaken, being “scanned”, Tai Chi Master shockwaves, I find this extremely interesting. Your spiritual background is paving a road for you, with the Sasquach, to be able to verbalize these feelings/experiences because you understand the spiritual capability of all living beings. NO ONE else has even mentioned that. They are not thought of as possible elevated beings with high intelligence and mad camping skills:) Most just classify them as preternatural apes that hide in the forests from humans who have guns because they’re scared and have no place else to go. Please continue to let us know how their energy affects you.

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