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 I started noticing the Hominoids when I was a kid playing in the Marin County
Open Space… they were always just out of sight….knocking and whistling then
one night me and my friends were out in the evening and heard a sound we
couldn’t identify! So I was now going to find out what the heck that was.  For
the rest of that summer of 1977’ I’d always hear but never see what made the
screams, we made up all kinds of imaginary beasts! We kids of the neighborhood
would be playing out in the street just past dusk when up in the hills there
would be something crunching around and then screech! It was so unearthly so NOT
normal for animals in these parts sounded more like a Howler monkey type of
resonance and once we saw reddish orange glowing eyes and it was quite the
chatter amongst us kids but only my best friend Eugene was able to put it in
context first without telling me out- right what it was. When we were out in the
hills just me & him & perhaps his sister, he would whoop whoop and they’d
sometimes whoop back and I just thought it was cool and BF well.. I wasn’t
convinced yet …he related to them like a person, a sort of magical friend…then
when school & rains came this ‘game’ kind of faded as we didn’t hear it so we
dropped it. But later that early spring out checking out mushrooms I came upon
entrails of a deer that had been somehow ripped apart with the guts spilled out
and the carcass strewn about in a area that was not where hikers go…I wondered
what kind of a hunter would do that? Then I noticed the vital organs were
missing … the kill was less than an hour old …? I was a kid and in my mind it
had to be a Human… I came across the same scenes three times basically in the
same “woods” maybe a mile or two apart at different times.  I never forgot those
few times. I have a lot of funny storys from those kids playing in the woods
days lots and lots…once I was 12, one morning… that summer we had a drought.
noticed there was a cycle to the “unusual” calls. Gone for winter back in
summer…1978 and it was hot too. My friend & I were getting into being out in the
woods at night more now as we were older, and did a backpacking trip a few miles
from home in an isolated canyon with a waterfall and very steep sides. This area
is still the way it was then and not much has changed. We set camp in a flat
spot along the creek and we had nice time until the middle of the night. That’s
when THEY came three screeches circling around us, we two, in our tents
terrified and frozen with panic as they circled and made a big ruckus but didn’t
attack… They sounded like apes grunting growling and whooping like only primates
can. The inflections and rapid-fire deliveries are only closely resembling
chimps or orangutans I’ve heard recordings of when they act out, not exactly but
closer than any other sounds I’ve heard. This event lasted about a half hour,
which is eternity when  your scared out of your wits. At first it was total
panic stricken fright…no ability to respond except to cower and listen and pray…
after a bit I noticed that they weren’t attacking just letting us know this was
their secret place and we were unwelcomed…and realizing that, after a long panic
I now started to giggle and that caught on we were giggling and suddenly they
appeared they stopped and two ran off and one lingered as it left slowly we
started talking to them saying things like “sorry we just want to sleep here
tonight!” “ we’ll leave in the morning!” and  I feel like the sound of our
voices was the thing that turned them off somehow or that somehow they
understood and had made their point…They left and in the morning it felt like we
were being watched as we packed up and left. We always respected that canyon,
after that it belonged to them. No one would dare go there at night again, not
after what we told them. It would be 20 years until I would return and when I
did it was the second place a mom and youngling I had encountered turned up
again. And it’s a small wonderland hidden away, it’s perfect for them. Back over
on our side of the hills which was only 2 miles as the crow fly’s but steep
sides of the hills going up to 1800 ft  steep sides with lots of poison oak made
entering and exiting only accessible on the roads or trails that went to the
suburbia on either side… Season after season, I’d have this sort of cycle with
the noticing the ‘homi’s’! noticed there was a cycle to the “unusual” calls.
Gone for winter back in summer…  


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