The Sasquatch “Event”

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I want to share a BF occurence that happened in early February of 2011. I was working for a woman doing a sculpture in her garden in Sebastopol, California, just 1 hr north of San Francisco. Although I experienced several occurences in the area and could hear regular activity nightly for the  several weeks I was there, and  this was witnessed and discussed by the woman who was (up until then),  typical normal skeptically un aware of the Homi’s.  One particular night stood out among the rest as epic… it was right outside this job site neighborhood.  My experience took place on a wintry, still & cold night.

I had been squatchin around and was excited to share with this woman some of my findings. The night before we went out after talking about it and heard howls and return howls! This time she suggested we go so we went.  we walk through the hood about a half mile south where the road ends into in a field about half a mile long by quarter-mile wide with blackberries on either side of the fence lines. some parts of this field were soggy and not bad for finding tracks. Beyond the fence line, parallel to the field, was a wild over grown creek/flood zone along running south to north and is apart of the Russian River watershed. this where the BF live/ travel though to get to this place. 

 Our view was from the north-east corner just a few steps into the field in 3 -4 ft tall grass, accompanied by the lady who I was working for, we watched through my night vision monocular as 8 groups of 10 or so (what seemed like whole families) with all ages present…

and Guards posted and spaced around the “space” and the Big Kids were running back and forth across the field at 3 to 6 at a time..

 it looked sort of random the way they were starting and darting as fast as possible (it seemed like racing competition or demonstration of ability)

 Thier eyes were all glowing different colors mostly green-blue or some amber from the guards… a few scattered in between (the groups) were watching with eyes glowing and sort of mulling around. We kept watching for a few minutes handing the Night vision back and forth.

It was not as obvious without night vision because of the distance involved. We could see the lights from the eye shine as they(little ones) ran across back and forth unless they looked away from our direction. This went on for a few minutes then as the closest group sped across maybe 75 yards away their eyes all flashed red!

 As that occurred the guardians all in sequence flashed red and all the way around the ‘space’  flashed red and a lot of the little ones hidden in the tree line on our side with red eyes glowing all back ran back to their ‘parents s’

 and immediately a dispatch of 3 medium large started across towards us quadra=pedling super fast like the ‘dogman’ video…

I started a certain prayer as i prayed the red eyes shifted to amber and then a moment later green-blue and the ‘races’ began again just as the 3 quadra-pedling scouts arrived and stopped behind some clumps of grass maybe ten yards away. Peeking at us you could only see them through night vision.

As I kept up my little soft taking to God they became more & more at ease and completely ignored us as we watched for a half hour these races. The eye’s of the little ones were still flashing on red as they darted across the fields

 there was 2 that were large adults and they were sort of ‘in between the groups and they seem to be blowing a glowing fog. As they breathed out their breath would ‘glow’ like florescence and it would linger but I could only see it in the night vision checking back and forth. Eye in Night vision, eye looking at the darkness. 

 then all of a sudden one of the Biggest ones howls out and they ALL hurried in to the tree line at the far side away from us and leaving only some ‘lookouts’ sort of lingering. They went toward the east from there it only gets more urban! they were headed for town! Well it was cold out and I was so blown away by that much I didn’t pursue them. walked back to the RV I was staying in and awoke early to thick fog!

  1. Dione Ardania- Emerson says:

    That’s amazing. I love that their eyes changed color with alarm and not just one or two, the mass of them! They sensed your presence and then perhaps, felt you were not a threat? Had you met up with them before? Did they know your scent?

  2. Larry Sanders says:

    Only just found your site. I’ve been active in research off and on for several years and even served a stint as an investigator for a prominent BF organization here in Oregon. Finally got fed-up with all the egos and politics and resigned my position. Anyway, I’m rather interested in this changing of eye color phenomenon that you mentioned. One particular encounter that I investigated, mentioned this same phenomenon. This particular incident involved the shooting and most likely serious injury of one of our Forest Brothers. Any information or even insights that you may have on this eye color change would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me through my E-Mail account. Kudos on the Blog……very interesting take on this fascinating subject. I’ll continue to read through your material and look forward to additional posts with anticipation.

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