Next Day

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I went back to see if I could find tracks or sign figure out what I was looking at and if there was anyway I couldv’e been fooling myself! It was thick tule fog and that ‘wet n cold’ only the west coast has.

 Just above freezing but feels like a walkin freezer! The fog in the early am is to my advatage as sas can’t see either! I went back to that spot and decided to go over to the other side where they were at. as I did this knocks cracked out from the dense fog somewhere out there … i was excited and had my video cam on as I thought perhaps one might make a mistake and stroll out in front of me.

I did find tracks and took a few still shots of those, but kept looking for the live ones that were ‘just out of sight’ moving in and out of the willows and fog keeping my attention on them so I didn’t document everything I saw. After 20 minutes or so my battery ran out. I only heard the knocks and trees swing in the stillness never saw anything other than shadows moving in the bushes peeking behind the trees and willows and lots of cracks and breaks!

Classic squatch “Hide & Seek” and I was always just one step behind… they saw me first everytime even though it was only 10 yards away the fog made it tough to figure and I seemed to always be looking the other way… and ‘crack’..  to my left …then just as I thought i was gonna get something… ‘crack’ way to my right! Foiled again! Shaky hand anyway!

I did get a couple decent shots of prints in the soggy area. That was it! They had been there the night before … there was no other way for those lights (eye shine) to have been created… nothing out in those fields but grass, oaks, willows and blackberries!  there’s a still from that AM in my facebook photos titled feb 2011 just willows and some shadowy figures in the distance. They were shot from 150 yrds through the fog… not great but real.


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