6,000 Miles of “Movie Making”

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well I was  just looking back from ‘Facebook Find Bigfoot’ The MOVIE

Jack Barnes’ creative approach to the same ol SAS story &

 What I’m left with is a few things and a feeling of  incomplete!

I went out to Minneapolis to “have a good time 1’st And that indeed was had by all, especially me!

I loved the idea of ‘finding bigfoot’ once and for all … (that’s not the case here ) but..

IF I was set up for a week, in just one of those California spots, I believe , if I were to be outfitted with the gear Fb/FB has… I’d be delivering an ‘undeniable’ shot of these creatures!

Problems with the gear not working well enough early on when we did get close and had action were not recorded 😦

 The one that DID work GOT the SHOTS the first night and Seemed to change the game out the starting gate… Jack didn’t expect that!  He kept saying ‘we can’t expect to get anything” So you can imagine the looks when Maximus shouts out ”

there’s one walking up & stops peeks and then is shaking a tree… and 1 hour later two walk up meet face to face talking and walk away !”

I was excited thinking that all we  had to do was get the cameras set up and draw them in and we’d succeed!

Lots of hours of  time  to look through, still, maybe something more will be found!

What became more apparent to me as we went along was the problem of

“the camera doesn’t lie there it is a squatch! FACT!”

and the Ozzy’s “well, I don’t think so mate, it could be you (meaning me)  walking around out there!” 

 RIGHT!!!! OUT THERE!….. It’s a just thawed BOG aka a swamp in northern Minnesota! I’m

NOT going to walk around naked pretending to be a squatch (neither were  Bob or Maximus)

 (which isn’t possible for pussy footed, hairless,  can’t see in the dark, humans)!

 EVEN If it were a human “WHO? has feet of steel, eyes of owls, and walks around AT NIGHT in the cold slushy bog! We were in the middle of nowhere, nowhere, MN… And “whoever’ it could be wouldn’t be knowing we were there or that we had flirs out… not to mention the chilly temperatures and rain.. Yeah right “WE” were walking around at night in the chilly bog with no lights & no clothes ……IT CAN NOT BE FAKED! Period. …

This Skeptical mind set… IS  THE Thing… Keeps the movie going but (!) is a researchers continued hex! That we are some how Hoaxers! ALL OF US! running around naked in the cold dark nights fooling flirs!

BUT: there you have it ;once again the MIND CAN”T ACCEPT IT!  (my opinion) This became the story over and over from many angles as America rolled by…

Beautiful and dramatic …but the story of the “stuck mind VS the unstuck mind” ” FACT vs “BELEIF” It took random forms the experiment the in the bus and  in us  as well as the BIG  “hurry” to make a movie.”  We laughed a lot… at this..and many other oddities and made fun of it… but it still presided over the tour. This “hurry” &  “dout”  sort of ” frenetic energy”

influence was the WHY we didn’t get more great footage…( of Sasquatch) this was what plagued the Researchers on Fb/FB we didn’t really get to do our thing as we were hoping … just when we’d get the lay of the land…off we’d go to the next location…and the drama continued… (HD) cameras  rolling! We’d talk about what went wrong or Jacks fabulous evolutionary sequences…or stratagies for the next night…and banter with the Ozzy’s, especially Jonny and his funny way of looking at things…

The technical systems & power system problems were pretty much solved by the end of the trek, when we rolled OUT OF the most squatchiest area in the whole state of California… Buff Creek region even with close class B’s on our way OUT!?… as we ‘were running out of time’ and the Ozzy’s agenda of interviewing Meldron was on the highest priority… NOT finding BF!

I realized that we had to do something quick… It was now or never.  This became even more and more apparent as Northern California just slid by… first the Ave of the Giants… just went right passed all kinds of good hiking all the way to Legget. Next we got a 1 hr stop by the Eel River got a shot of the river pushing me head over heals.!.. some funny bantering between Jonny and me (no squatch) and next we stopped in Willits to let Jack +1 Ozzy go find BF with’ Billy’ who has the shot of  ‘baby BF in crouch of tree’ … cool guy!

So now it was just 2 Ozzys and 3 researchers rolling into the SF Bay Area! After deploying flirs out in another area we drove to El Sobranje & I put the bus  right where they were gonna be!  At 3:30 AM they came a knocking’ right across the street from where we parked … I was outside laying for them, trying not to fall asleep… they were 100 yards away making a lot of racket! Everyone else was asleep!…  I reached up and hand-held the flir in the direction of the sounds. I slowly looked up and realized that the shot was blocked by bushes etc and  I had to move to another location for a clear shot of the Eucalyptus trees in someones back/side junkyard that they were in around  & peeking through..

 I relocated and even though I really couldn’t see anything it was clear to me that this was sqautch! I hand-held the flir and got the shot of 2 one in the tree one classically peeking and the eyes shine made the flir see the eye as a “different”! the movements were so classic Sasquatch! It was moving really fast back and forth must a thought the hand-held flir was a gun maybe and perhaps had been shot at cause it was darting back and forth! The tree was pretty big 4-5 ft round and it was peeking from both sides.. maybe there were two peeking + one in the tree. haven’t seen it since the next day views!

After I was satisfied I had enough footage because we had ‘deleted’ or ‘lost’  footage previously, I went right into the RV and SAVED IT! Woke up the guys, (sort of), told them I got the shot, and went back out to film more! Now BF had split in the few minutes I went inside… but it didn’t matter I got them!

 What will become of this no way to tell The Ozzy’s still weren’t convinced AGAIN! oh well!

Jack arrived to tell us we weren’t going to have time to do anymore squatchin really the rest of the trip so I thought I’d film my departing shot from the RV dropping me off  and my final comment ” Bigfoot is in your neighborhood+ Believe it! or NOT” and skateboarded away… I wonder if any of this will make it in to the film… we are all going to just have to wait and see!

I don’t even know what it’s called yet! Do you?

FB/FB the movie? 


InCONCLUSIVE :cause we moved to fast!

Find nothing “the movie” cuz we don’t believe & can’t accept the FACTS!

None of the above?

what ever they call it it will be interesting, informative and funny …what’s it will really be about?! Is Anyones guess…

We Found and filmed BF…! YES OF Course we did!!

 On the very first night and on my last night! And perhaps somewhere in between too!

 Got way too much footage for a 2 hr movie!

will they put it out… who knows!

can’t wait to see it

hope it delivers

IT was fun & humans stuck together that long are always entertaining!

It’s up to the editors now…

We’ll see!

  1. S. says:

    What did you see in Bluff Creek?

  2. Dan Elliott says:

    Freeman You did find some proof of it ,,but did the equipment work as well as it should have,
    I Am privledged to be friends with the men ,, that also went on the journey,,I say that word and
    not trip, because ,everyones mind had to wonder,if this would put us,, in the path of a Big Male
    Bigfoot,, that likes to plant tree’s upside down, you know the kind that takes a Bulldozer to move
    Uh, huh and is sort of cranky,,that is the One I ran into in oklahoma,, it must of came from the,
    Mountain’s, if it was given ahaircut, and cleaned up, it could have passed for a Human, It seemed to be as scared, as ,I was, It would come to my house, with 10 dog’s,, and they would be hidden,,
    Imust say, all of you guy’s were very Brave,, I Congratulate all of You.

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