yesterday early am

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

The hot weather here has brought the local squatch out boldly all over this area & especially by the Lake behind the Dam on the ‘no trespassing’ side! could hear clearly but barely see one splashing and seemed like fishing? wading looking down into the water then lunging in making quite the commotion! couldn’t distingush any ‘catch tho too far away! wouldv’e been neat to have had the p660!!! on a tripod or even a low light with a zoom or something! The sounds of elation frustration and watery wildness was awesome to behold! They stocked 10,000 3-10lb trout for memorial day, largemouth & smallmouth bass,catfish ,carp and state record sun fish crawfish, tadpolls, bulll frogs, turtles, and big rodents similar to a beaver with a thick scaled tail that burrows into the banks and under cuts + docks… Nutria H2O- RAT … Thought I’d let you know there’s steady activity round here! Pretty much anywhere round here is ‘good’ right now! found fresh prints in the culvert near where the RV from FB/FB was parked this am dog walk too! went back to photo but need a flash it’s pretty dark in there!


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