Utra/Infra Sound & Sasquatch

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok now here’s me revealing my super secret sasquatch technique to the world and the way to PROVE everything about them.
If you are a researcher and are interested in supporting this effort please contact me here in the comments section below and I’ll be in touch!

So The “HOMINID LISTENING PROJECT” is now under way! Being funded privately, the process has begun and I’m really excited to have the resources to execute this experimental idea! Along with infra & ultra sound recording we are also employing all manner of technologies to try and be able to document these beings as never before! We are gearing up for the fall winter seasons and the advantage of having less natural barriers than during the other months. This project will expand to locations around the globe and offer exciting new insights to HOW they do it! (exist right under our noses!) Treepeekers is growing with over 10,500 reads in just 4 months! So stay tuned for updates as new situations develop and we break through to discover & replicate our findings of the seemingly impossible truth…
That Hominids not only survive but thrive in unimaginable terrains in and around urban & suburban rural as well as remote habitats!

  1. nonono says:

    Not till I get tenure…

  2. Solomon says:

    Freeman….If you are doing it at the present and are being discreet, I understand. But if not…kick it up a notch. They are your friends and they like you. Take a vacation and spend a month with them…it will surely be a plus for both races. Us and them! Your blog is unique and awesome. Not like some people on facebook who like to show footprints, audio’s, and pics of trees and beautiful mountain side hoping we get an idea of where they are or they are period. It’s so lame! I call them “attention” hoarders!!!! I would name a few, but it would be counter productive for our friends.

  3. Solomon says:


    I still hold that comment above, but on the wrong page. But listen…if you do this it might compromise your “goodwill” with them. Remember, they have been allowing you to have these visits and sightings. It may hace an effect on your grandsons relationship that I believe could benefit you!

  4. Bob says:

    Digital audio recorders are available to record the whole range of Infra, acoustic and ultra sounds. We can only hear the acoustic range so all the infra and ultra research can only be accomplished with graphs and charts. We simply can’t hear them. It would be good evidence to show a consistent unexplained infrasound source that moves!!

  5. Dan Elliott says:

    would the infra /sound be seen on a osciloscope,, similiar to electrical sine wave’s

  6. Bob says:

    @Dan, Yes it would be visible on an oscilloscope – represented by a electronic graph. This device would be useful to see the modulation between the frequencies being used to articulate individual morphemes. This would be especially useful when looking at derivational morphemes – like Huh? or Huh! It is the same word used with different inflection. Dan, Do you an oscilloscope? Because I have a lot of audio that should have infra and ultra sounds in them.

  7. Bob says:

    ooops, Dan do you have an oscilloscope?

  8. Dan Elliott says:

    In reference, to the scope, at the moment I am not in possession of one, But at one point I was ,,
    Being arctified ,, A master of electric and and all equipment,, needed to , Wire, Install and check
    It’s correct,, working order’s,, Ihad to check ,, them too numerous to mention, did not keep mostof them,, if I did Bob you would be welcome to borrow it. Dan

  9. JP says:

    I’m a professional audio engineer and video engineer, as well and I’d like to talk with you regarding funding.


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