Tracking Sasquatch

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Let’s discuss tracking Sasquatch! Now I’m a tracker and can ‘see’ the way game moves around in a forest.. especially if it’s a place I walk through a lot or daily. I notice every little disturbance and how it was or wasn’t there the day before. I learned tracking from Tom Brown type class’ and from some Indian and Aboriginal relatives and most recently I’ve been learning from a guy who travels to Africa yearly  to learn from the ‘Bushman’.

 I track them sometimes for a few miles…until they cross some body of water I can’t, or when they travel a rocky out cropping or go up into the trees or when the SWEEP behind themselves.Yes sweep! I followed some tracks of three that went downhill to a fire road and when i looked I saw where the road looked freshly swept the pattern was clearly not natural! A branch was swept across in a 6 foot wide swath to cover their tracks!  I’ve also followed a family of tracks all diffrent sizes for 3 miles walking down the dirt road with out sweeping because it had been raining and they probably thought the water was enough to cover them but it wasn’t until they went into the lake probably swam across I didn’t follow as it was too cold to get in that water!

Sasquatch tracking isn’t hard at all because they are large and once one learns the ‘way’ they move and the way they navigate it is very easy too.. at least find where they were!  It’s more interesting when they seem to appear walk along for 50 -100 yards and then just disappear with no ‘apparent’ way to NOT leave more tracks! I’ve seen that a few times the most dramatic of which I saw  in Redwood Valley, Mendocino co, CA.
in the early morning dew on the grass sort of like it took flight or vanished!

when tracking any animal especially Sasquatch, it’s not easy to stay with them entirely and it’s usually when they go into some ‘natural barrier’ area as they are better at those than us humans  like thickets, super steep to straight up or down, stickers,spiders, snakes,ticks,poisonous plants all these are nothing to them and a big caution or stop for us. We have a lot of ” barriers” and they only have one… LIGHT!

It get interesting also in the urban and suburban areas I’ve tracked them into… I’ll keep that in my pocket for now but believe me I do know where they go right through train yards, refineries and ghettos! It’s true they pass through there too! Got pictures of tracks I found in industrial areas out here in California.. out in the desert and in Irvine , Orange co, CA. and  that’s me not even trying that hard!

 I have other tracking secrets that I’m gonna withhold here as I should charge for this kind of info! So I’m not going to give away all that I’ ve found that’s all for now…go look for yourself!

  1. Paul says:

    My first day of daylight recon in the rain, got to say its not nearly as heart racing as night. I explored basically the areas i could move around without having to swim/wade across the creek. THAT place has to be their spot. Placed my handfuls of peanut butter out on small overhanging branches that could be seen from across the creek from 6-8 feet off the ground.(to try and stop raccoons from snatching them) I took photos and was wondering, where is a place i can share my photos with?

    P.S. I found a possible track!

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