Aquatic Squatch

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 Back in the 90’s I was invited into& sat in round house ceremonies in  with Miwok, Pomo,and Yurok Medicine people & My various Red Road Relatives. They all have in their Creation Mythologies either  “the boss”  of the woods Earth, or Sky, The “Ones who walk like thunder” And the ‘Ones who come from under the water’ each one a different version of hominids!

 Some of the legends say they live in the earth or caves & caverns and can even live underwater and have adapted breathing or can hold their breath! The reason for this is that they are seen to come out of the water against the currents and are so powerful they can just simply walk out up on to land then go back in come up and go straight up cliffs  climbing without slipping  ‘lizard like’ the way it clings to the sides of the cliffs all wet they go way up  & walked what seemed like INTO the cliff.! There were no apparent ledges or caves where it entered, that anyone could see.

That is what the stories the Indians in those parts of California tell about:!

and completely unknown to these folks in another time yet related to that story:

   Drifting down the Trinity river in the hot summer of 1993 2 women.  They were leaders of young womans rites of passage river rafting trips and they were out together to find a camping spot.  THE  place to put a camp & sweat lodge for the 8 girls they would be guiding down later that week. After  a full day of rafting as the sun set they came upon a nice sandy bar with an easy eddy to get  in and out of the swift and powerful river’s current and shade.  The place they had picked was remote and lined on both sides with cliffs going straight up for hundreds of feet. This beach/bar was only accessible from the river.

They set up camp and made a fire and enjoyed the full moon rising the wilderness and all Nature has to offer. They were a little worried about bears so they made the fire real big and stayed awake late that night into what she reconds was early morning maybe 1-2 am.

Now this river is deep mostly and swift and would easily over power any human trying to walk along upstream.  It just couldn’t be done… too swift & strong of a current… but she hears downstream the sound of something pushing against the water in an even rhythm. The strokes getting closer maybe at 100 yards away then it gets quite.. nothing for a long while… longer than one can hold your breath and suddenly just  right out in the middle where it was at least by her estimates 8 feet deep, a head & shoulders of an upright walking  ‘Giant’ splashing loudly as it was moving in the moonlight against the current coming up-stream right towards her! Shes was frozen in fear as this creature came out of the river walked upright passed her across the bar and back into the river disappearing as it went on its way under water walking not swimming…then 50 yards further it came out on the deep side where it could easily be 20 feet deep, exited going up the side of the cliff all wet and climbed  “like a gecko” out of the river and straight up the side for a hundred or so feet  “out of sight’ and seemed to just disappear…

Now I got the above two stories from two separate sources at different times. Uncanny isn’t it the details of this ‘co-incidence’ that the legend to the letter is witnessed by a lucky camper at the right place at the right time?! The foot prints found on the bar were WEBBED was the other significant

detail involved here… and my own story I was right underneath the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge on a hot summer night when the off shore desert winds were blowing the fog out to sea and it was one of those rare still & warm nights. I looked to the west and saw two figures one large one small like a child walk down and go in to the water… I ran over and looked at the tracks they were webbed and I thought was that  aliens?

they were “people looking”  only one was way taller and was female for sure I saw the breasts…I never thought about it being squatch un til my friend told me that story about her experience on the Trinity… what do you think?

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    I Have seen report,s , that are very close, to your Encounter, It Involved some men 3 I think, and they noticed a figure standing, By the shore, they started to move toward it, About 50 yards from Itthe being it was Bi-Pedal , about 6 foot tall, then they noticed it Looked Reptilian, with Grey to A
    Almost scaley, Tan color ,, they were Frightened ,now the Head was shaped, like a Iguana, there
    was no ears noticed, Legs were short, in relation to body, There were short upper Arms, that,,
    Had a hand, it Turned from them, walked to a Tree, And climbed up it and Blended in with the tree
    Like it disappeared, into the Tree, Upon looking where it was standing, the Tracks were seen
    to be Webbed, w/ 4 toe like, digits.

  2. Hey . I wanted to know how to add this post to my desktop so I can just click it to see your website . I just know how to add it to favorites. Thank you!!


  3. Mountainman says:

    Did the women say the being had hair? Scaling a cliff wall for a Squatch seems impossible. Gravity is what it is, regardless of how strong one is. Sounds like a different being altogether.

    • Dan Elliott says:

      There at certain times,,the laws we go by and the laws that govern,, their abilities,,Seem to be
      Impossible the way, that they are living ,,in through what seem’s to us , to be not, able to keep
      because of Laws, that they are not connected to,, It almost seem’s to ask how they are able,
      To do these things that Physic’s , by our understanding,,will not allow,,It does baffle the mind. Now most certainly , laws can be pushed , or pulled to, allow their weight, size ,strength to do, Extraordinary things,, Walk across bogs and still,, be on the top of it,,jump 12 ft. up out of a Gully
      Break large tree,s very easily,, We may as well,, get a physciatrist to Study the beings,, and
      find out the brain’s,, Power and why, it is able, to Be,, so capable,,We may never know ,It
      We are closer each day., and shall see some day.

  4. JP says:

    If you consider the size and strength of these creatures, the feats do not seem so far fetched. I don’t know about the webbed foot prints…i’d have to see them to even consider it as possible. I do know that boaters have seen Sasquatch swimming from the mainland to islands in Florida…they have actually seen them swimming in the ocean.

    I’ve also read a report of a woman in FL who says she has witnessed them climbing high cliff walls in an abandon quarry mine.

    They’ve been witnessed and video taped playing high in the trees, so why not climbing cliffs?

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