Courageous Conversations & Sasquatch Experiences

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

This entire (Blog)  are the true stories of my relationship & experiences with the creatures known to the world as Yeti, Bigfoot, Yowie, Yaren, Sasquatch, Ohmma…and many, many other names….I have been walking around in the woods nearly every day for 48 yrs and I’ve witnessed, participated and through trial & error, acquired skill and my share of pure luck, over the years, been able to get consistently close to these exquisite beings!  

I have learned about a few ‘phenomenal’ abilities, language communication styles as well as methods and behaviors from  ‘hard to explain’ to the ‘unexplainable.* 

.* (Unexplainable if one operates only within the current mainstream i.e . ‘acceptable’ context  of science & spirituality*…)

 I’ve been cautioned by certain ‘supporters’ that my “findings” are too ‘hard to accept’  for the General Public … they warn I’ll be discredited…  I’m relatively new to social media and suspicious of  the Unknowns… so I did what they suggested and have up to now…  withheld the full and complete picture as to really what I think and know…   

 I Censured myself because maybe they’re right and this information will ‘overwhelm your mind’ !! 

I have this feeling, of total & complete faith in the power of the  Sasquatch Experience: the very common  Class B’s or the less common Class A’s,

to transform  the ‘experiencers’ whole perception of their world around them and what is “possible”, as they open in the face of disbelief.! I know from experience of the many years of just keeping quite about what I was really doing for fear of being labeled as a crazy man who’s just “out there”… Now  if I just put  out what I have found here on the WEB, perhaps all the other ‘out there’ folks who, just maybe, are as well aware of this stuff as me …or even in closer to them, their culture, their secrets, their ways of life , and now can find here, through this courageous conversation, a safe & respectable space for sharing, without fear of judgements or acusations, about the FACT  and the Mystery, the belief and experience that is often called: Sasquatch!!

  1. Mountainman says:

    Is doing research and reporting your findings any different than teaching yourself to play guitar and then play in a band? I don’t think it is.

    I have read and talked to many people who have been in contact with families of Sasquatch. From a woman who lives in the mountains who leaves a buck of slop for them to eat on her porch every night to one on one habitual interactions.

    Let us know your story.

  2. Larry Sanders says:

    You would think that within a field of study that is ridiculed so badly by the mainstream, those of us willing to endure the ridicule and continue the quest, would stick together and support one another…………….Oh, contraire !! Egos rule the day !! 20+ years of Squatchery have taught me one invaluable lesson: (If a person is a recognized celebrity/expert within the BF community, chances are, that person is very difficult to work with!) There are more unknown people out there seeing and interacting with our Forest Friends on a regular basis, and gathering knowledge and insights, than all the accumulated “evidence” of every Bigfoot Research celebrity combined.

    My advice is: Do whatever you feel is in the best interest of our Brothers and Sisters of the Woods. and secondly, whatever is in your own self-interest. To heck with the public……they will either believe or not (who cares), and doubly to heck with other researchers. I’ve personally found their opinions of things I’ve shared of very little value.

    If we are always our own greatest critic/skeptic, it will leave very little room to be criticized by others. Keep the faith. -Larry

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