Yucca Woman

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I was visiting my son & his family last February and hung out for several days and nights at his home in Yucca Valley California. This is a beautiful area of the desert about 25 miles north of palm springs , and right next to Joshua Tree. My son and I were recently reunited after  20 years (& 2 grandsons that’s another story) and we were getting re acquainted and of course the “topic” came up. I was curious too, wanting to test my techniques out in the desert and see if I could get any sort response. So as the sun went down and the cold night came on, I went to knocking and my son was witnessing.  I was only doing  one then two with a minute in between.  It was early as it gets dark at 5:30- 6 so I’d guess it was about 7:30 pm but it was plenty dark. The neighborhood my son lives in was sparsely inhabited with a lot of empty middle class homes, nice and large, big back & front yards and there are a couple of creeks  (washes) that, when it rains, flow down from the open desert like wild strips that slice down through his ‘hood,’ a few doors down on both sides of his place.  I had read about BF being in those parts and was really curious. After a few knocks, maybe 15 minutes went by when we  got return knocks from two locations about half mile apart we got very excited! I had my night vision monocular and began scanning as they moved in closer. 5 minutes later as I scanned,  I saw some movement just about 80 yards away between the houses on the side yards which were open with only chain linked fences’ so it was easy to see through. As I was looking, at first I couldn’t tell what I was looking at…

seemed like a yucca tree…then the wind blew the hair away from the face for a moment and the tree now had eyes! I could only see the glowing eyes through the IR monocular . The wind was blowing about 5 knots so it (BF) was really perfectly camouflaged with blonde hair that matched the dead leaves of the Yucca tree . This one had very long hair (reminded me of the guitar player for the Doobie Brothers) and it was standing about 75 to 100 yards away between houses poised with on arm up holding the tree and sort of blended into a ‘set’ of Yuccas. It’s eyes would be covered when the wind stopped and would glow in the IR when it blew.  Not the “bioluminescent” eye-shine, this was created by the IR beam from my monocular. Then I would hand the IR to my son and as he looked, he would softly out loud speak his process…” ok that’s the tree and that’s the fence and that’s the gate and that’s the house and … what is that!?… ok wait…that’s the tree and that’s the fence and that’s the gate and that’s the house ….WTF!?” he repeated his list of logical solid ‘knowns’ trying to “get” that unknown ‘thing’ he was looking at to land in his brain! This is the ‘normal’ process for anyone who has this sort of opportunity, to observe a BF for an extended period without it disappearing in a flash.  IT stood there for a long time in terms of  BF sighting , just frozen posing like it was the Yucca, and its eyes were only discernible through the IR when the wind blew its hair away! The perfect match of the dried Yucca leaves folded back against the bark  and the hair of this creature was uncanny! They swayed and blew exactly like the hair did, only it’s eyes gave it away.  After about 5 minutes of perfectly still it moved  squatting down and pulled a back pack off it’s back and started to search through it for something! It did this for a long time too just organising..? or searching.. looking up at us every 5 to 10 seconds or so… we kept handing the IR back and forth looking at it and my son was tripping out hard, his logical mind was having trouble comprehending what it was witnessing but as time went on he was able to ‘get’ it and start being in amazement “wow dad, it’s rifling though a bag?! No way this is to F@%King cool!”  then I’d look for a minute and he’d say… “I can’t believe it! Let me look at it again!”  this went on for a while. Then in the time it took for me to hand it to him and for him to put it to his eye and look for where it was it was gone! say 3-5 seconds … we heard more knocks down the valley moving away from his place towards town! ‘They’ were off, we could hear the dogs bark at them as they moved along through the empty properties and washes way away toward the hills on the other side of the highway…

I was out at dawn looking for tracks, signs of any kind and found some breaks but no tracks.

Now my son was turned on and tuning into this BF phenomena and I was teaching him the “ways”..

the next night they came way later from the direction they had headed for from the far side of town I could hear the knocks a few miles away getting closer…

I was alone this time as my son lost interest when they were not showing up by 10 pm!

This is common among ‘newbie or halfway ‘ folk who have an event and wake up to the FACT that ” there’s something going on out in the hoods & woods at night”… but it takes real tenacity to sit and wait and listen til 1:30 or 3: 30 or 5:30 am “THIS” is what makes the difference between you and me…I’m out there  when you are a sleep! If you want to experience BF at all or with any consistency, you must be willing and ABLE to stay awake when they are around! That means becoming nocturnal!(for a while!)

I took my then 2.5 year old grandson out in the daytime and let him lead. He went right into the “forbidden” wash! we played in there for an hour and I stacked wood for a ceremony and bonded with my grandson with knocking and whistling and whooping..(he still does this today!) and just trusted that he wouldn’t get hurt and he didn’t

We went to a oasis nearby and had a nice little family reunion hike and there was plenty of squatch marks there! They obviously frequented that place as it was the only water source for a long ways in any direction and Landon (grandson) was quite tuned in to nature and wide open, no filters yet! I showed him things and explained what I was seeing how one had passed this way and showed him and my son what to look for and what we were looking at!

Time was up I had to go back to the bay area and my son went to Portland, Oregon to a training program for a job and while he was there he and a buddy went to Mt. Hood and tried out some techniques and got a hair-raising howl that “scared him like he hasn’t felt since he was a little kid!”  He has read this blog and calls to talk squatch with me from time to time. When he returned home he noticed there was a new tree break right in his yard and he noticed other signs too and would knock and get return knocks

from time to time as well. Then just a few days ago about 10 pm I get this email from him…

    • ” Omg dad you were so RIGHT!!! Landon has a ‘relationship’ with squatch like I’m flowing tears right now cause I was 10 feet from her!!!!!!!!! She was purring at us and like totally visible long blonde hair right at the fence and OMG ill call u tomorrow with full details ahhhhhhhh so the coolest experience EVER!!!!!!! This. Is idk how to explain I’m like just the tears are flowing cause I’m don’t know how to react or respond. 9 feet huge breasts and a comforting purr, I didn’t know they purred!!!!!! And like dirty dish water blonde alll over ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Duuuuuuuude I don’t know what to do but cry.
      He told me Landon had been going to the window at night at then saying “Monkey man  or Monkey momma daddy” and this  night he had gone to the back sliding glass door and insisted they go out there ..” Why Landon?” … “I want to show daddy monkey momma!” “
       How cool is that! Guess the “Gift” is running in the family!
      Down there the indigenous common folk-lore name for Sasquatch is Yucca man in this case it’s Yucca Woman AKA Monkey Momma!
      OK there’s another piece of context here.
      When the above ‘Son of Mine’ was 3 his mom disappeared into the drug culture in south L.A.county bringing him & his 7 years older sister into very challenging situations in which she, (mom) met with a violent tragic death witnessed by my son at age 6!   Raised by his grandparents until 17 he’s been searching for me all these years and then just last fall we finally reunited and I find all this out in one call… so he didn’t grow up with this ‘Bigfoot Awareness’ as a culture like my 12 year old has… this was all part of the ‘getting to know’ each other after 20 years… and find out I’m a grandpa! Twice over! so it took a few months before we were actually together and this story takes place in February of 2011 for the Class A, and May for the Mt.Hood class B, July 7 for this most recent visitation Class A+!  And I we really only briefly spoken  since…
      He’s moving to salt lake Utah so he’s moving out there and with  his family and working in regional management  which is a lot of driving in the wilds of America! should be interesting to see what becomes of this “new Awareness”!
  1. Solomon says:

    Awesome. Be aware they don’t choose a name for your son, before he suggest one for himself. I’m called “watery eyes”. When I met “mama sas” back in ’99, I was going through aps loss of a very good friend and was at a ranch secluded in the deep woods of Midwest America. She too is blonde. Very beautiful too!


    I would encourage your son or yourself to take it to another level. Begin to ask, how can I help you? and….Why are you here? You’ll be amazed of what they will respond with.

  2. What Solomon says is right on, as dealing with this creature! I was out here in the high desert of LA county when these cretures were present for about a year, and they were also seen looking like our josuha trees when cought out in the open by humans. A great story about these creatures, and how they act around us most of the time! RAH

  3. Dione Ardania- Emerson says:

    That’s great. My curiousity is heightened further by these two comments before me. What have they responded with when asked how we can help and did she speak English to you Solomon?

  4. treepeekers says:

    It’s in the ‘way’ one understands it! could be english or apache or cree or pomo or yurok or spanish or russian!

  5. Dione Ardania- Emerson says:

    ok 🙂

  6. Dan Elliott says:

    There can be no doubt in the story you shared,, I wonder if they look at you,, and see an aura, of light,, Letting their vision,, accept you into their clan, have you seen them in say 3or4 and, little Ones Around with them,, I Was told for them to bring out the young,, was a honor,, because they trusted
    You,, and were pleased to have your presence,,.

    • treepeekers says:

      Thanks Dan that makes sense! I had not heard that!! Sort of why I may have been “allowed” to watch them have The Event… I know from experience that when ever my 12 year old or if I go out with certain women and/or children, when ever they do a call It almost always gets a response! I have a woman friend who can evoke knocks or whoops with a EEEEEEEE…EEEEEEE….EEEEEEEE ALMOST ALWAYS works. Same with my kid. If he decides to he get’s scared! It’s feels like it’s the non threatening open hearted space and not “the hunter photgrapher researcher/skeptic” This was what I have been learning… it’s the old “Suffer the little children”

  7. stormhelm says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……….. very interesting, Like farther, son and grandson experiencing the same thing.
    All I can say is WOW.

  8. Awesome ….love this…thank you.

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