Ti-pickle Night & Usual Suspects

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I finally got the FLIR rolling and carrying it in a backpack with the camera mounted on the bottom half of a fishing pole, the wire running down 2/3 way and then about 3′ folds back into my pack.

I stroll out at 10: 30 pm and walk to where the creek cross’ under the road and stood about 25 ft back from the road well away from car lights…under a huge weeping willow tree. Just standing there listening CRACK! About 150 yards away towards the HWY and the ‘Nice & New’ neighborhood.

I guess it must have been in the dark  front yard of one of those old  houses  along the Hwy, some where midway between the creek & hwy…then as my eyes adjust I notice little lights here and there sort of down in the creek.. is that street light reflected in the water?

or EYESHINE? just then a loud yet muffled  stomp! like a foot on the earth!  Directly across the creek from me and at about the same level  in the dark maybe straight 60 yards across & I feel a little start! No monitor with the flir so just I  point the flir in the direction of the sound and I steady the camera …remembering what Jack said about it  absorbing heat to convert to light, it requires more time than light… to work right it needs to be steady…

I calm myself with a little chant/prayer in a whisper and light a medicine smoke and sort of look one way pointing the flir the other.  To my left and way down there maybe 200 yards into the creek and between the houses it’s all wild and dark. I know they use this area at least 3 x per week and with the wind and fog it’s perfect cover for them even though the woods are dry and crunchy now in July,

the wind covers their footsteps but I feel them moving about in the dark and after about ten minutes of this i get a bit unnerved so I leave the willow & walk back to the houses and plant the flir in a hedge on the corner across the street from where I think they come in & go out of .  It’s very dark over grown areas on both sides of two houses… always thought that was their thoro-fair… we’ll see ..it’s only been an 1 hr and it took me a half to write this…I’m gonna either get up early or set an alarm…to go retrieve the flir before sun up! …

4:44 am I didn’t need an alarm get up get dressed go downstairs… out back the fog is still gusting the hood is quite i stand in the dark  listening for a sign…nothing… I jump on the bike and ride silently around the block and grab the flir just how I left it in the front yard on the corner… … grab and go for a ride down by the creek looking at all the other ‘dark side yards’ as I roll a long  I hear one loud knock about 1/4 mile on the far side of the hood sort of sounding off ‘warning human’ and I continue into the alley way foot path and back home…

I open the pack to disconect the power supply…Everything is still rolling? No it’s not recording but it’s on the green light is steady… that means it only recorded part of the night because it was blinking when I first went out now I’ll just have to see…maybe 3hrs? This was a common sonario while making the movie…tonight It will be a ‘walk about’ into the haunts and pathways from the day time safe zones.

I’ll try and intercept them on their way down into the creek that is their hwy… see if I can get a lucky break…like a whole tree pushed over or some other ‘fear ball’ tactic!

so that folks is what a “LAZY” night of research looks like out for an hr in a hot zone and some sleep with a early wake up and flir collection.  The ‘minimum maximum’ as I like to say… more work today looking through the footage… and maybe I got a shot of one of those elusive creatures walking or stalking always sneaking into my neighborhood…

I’ll tag this later on today after I take a look… so later that day…

I pop the card out of the DVR into the reader and stick that into my kids mac and ….”cannot be opened!” dam try in in my Dell  same… typical …Murphy’s Law…what ever can go wrong will… applied nightly to BF research … means alot of close but no cigar and those files ..The one from the school on the corner and the one from this story I emailed to BOB@sasquatchsounds.com to see if he could find a way in….Now everything WAS working right when I put it out but, alas, when it comes in the AM…this was what happened out on the road with FBFB and I don’t quite understand WHY… But I’ll just keep trying! The Homi’s are still out there every night and yesterday I heard a knock at 10:30 am just at the edge of the woods across the street from the school sort of saying “come and play hide and seek!” normally I would but I’ve sort of lost my appetite for squatchin without a camera or some other recording device of quality …it didn’t used to be that way for me…I used to not be able to resist the call…now I try NOT to disturb them as they tend to be consistently closer to the houses IF I’m not bush wackin around chasing them deeper into the forest… I’m more interested in pretending like I don’t notice at all… and I know that’s not really possible… but I try!

  1. Paul says:

    Two more nights of “i think i just heard somethings.” I’m starting to think i might be crazy… Either that or they are on to me, and my snooping area. My next plan is to enter from the other side of the woods and give a few “signals.”(but only 1 or 2) I’m starting to feel like less is more. Maybe through this week i can hop-scotch around each side of the woods and keep them guessing who’s who? This could be my last desperate act to prove my sanity.

  2. Josh says:

    I’ve found your blog extremely interesting and the way you study this species is in a very unique way that I believe not many others have contemplated. Do you believe that sasquatches can be found in any suburban area? Or are there specific areas across the United States they inhabit? Also, I was curious as to the best evidence you have gathered throughout your research?
    Thanks again for all the information you’ve posted on your blog.

    • treepeekers says:

      YES absolutely… I found them in IRVINE! I found them in RICHMOND! I found them in Novato I found them in San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sabastapol, Yucca Valley, Sonora, El cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Concord, Pinole, San Pablo, Palo Alto, Marietta in Wa. These are just a few of the suburban places I’ve found them in. This BLOG is called “Backyard Urban-Suburban Sasquatch Research” for this reason and I can FIND THEM track them ANYWHERE!!

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