Pale Skinned Tree Peekers

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Freeman Young     In 2007 I had just gotten my first IR monocular on sale for $120 down from $350 and I was really excited to have ‘eye’s’ in the dark. I went out to the nearest daytime hangout and marched in there about 1 hr before dusk. Greeted by warning knocks & whistles, I ventured pretty far in there, which I don’t usually do as I don’t like to bug them where they ‘live’, I usually just wait in places where I know the chances are good they will pass by and try to be invisible and play them at their own game, well not this time. With my new toy I felt more confident and was very sure they were going to be easily seen…well I was right. This was to begin my flood of class A’s.  This area is  about half a mile wide by 2 miles long, mostly 100-year-old 200′ – 300′ ft tall Eucalyptus grove mixed with a smattering of Oaks Acacias and Laurels. The Poison Oak and stickers dominate on the ground so one must stay to the fire roads which loop around and lead to nowhere.  This is perfect habitat. Everything they need is there and its steep sides are level where this patch of “Australia” is and well over grown with lots of cover. They could be and are anywhere & everywhere in there!

as I entered and walked in the warning knocks were big low & loud with thundering sort of quality to them shaking the ground! Wow intense I thought…and I kept going the knocks were at first a few hundred yards away above me and level with me on my left. The 2 lane hwy with cars commuting at 70 miles and hour was below and the sound of cars and trucks was mixed in sort of like waves on the beach. Now it wasn’t dark enough yet to need the monocular so i was looking around not seeing much but the knocks back and forth kept up and breaking branches too. I was maybe a quarter-mile up in there and was surrounded and they were just out of sight peeking at me when I’d look they’d duck and they had me going in circles trying to see them spinning this way then that ‘trying to see one… I’d catch only a glimpse of hair shining or the movement as they’d duck back behind one of those 4′ or 5’ ft trunks. I was getting sort of ‘herded’ back down the way I came in without realizing it at first, my natural self-preservation instinct was kicking in as the night was falling. The darker it became the louder knocks were pushing me down hill towards the gate, my bike and the road.

Finally it was dusky enough to need the monocular which made it bright as day out and now I was starting to see them before they ducked because it was darker they were slower to retreat. They were 5 altogether 3 above and 2 sort of level with me on either side. CRACK! to my left POP to my right each at 30-40 yards KABOOM 100 yards up hill. “Dang”  I thought ” that one was HUGE” and it was a bit  unnerving  I walked down passed where I thought they were,  looking this way and that seeing a peeker dart behind then re appear on the other side of the tree trunk and I was trying to keep them from flanking me in the dark. I definitely did not feel safe anymore. Though I was seeing them looking at me and ducking and I was shaking from the adrenaline I kept moving back down & away back to the gate.

At the bottom is two gates, one for vehicles that’s locked and one to the side that’s narrow for riding horses through. The hwy is only 100 yards below me now and the rush hour has passed so it’s less of a constant stream of cars whizzing by maybe a couple every minute or so.  I exited through the gate as softly as possible trying to hold back the panic and stood with the IR looking into the woods. It was quite dark now and with the naked eye  I could only make out shadowy shapes. Through the IR I could see two trying to look like tree stumps only 5 yards away! Those guys were there already in position behind me waiting as I made my way back down & out and were only a few feet away when I passed them one standing one crouched down! Holy Crap! SO close my shaking was more difficult to control now and those two were straight out and then CRASH! to my left at about 25 yards I spin to look through IR at nothing and in the 3 seconds that I did that I hear a crunch in front and look back and the one standing is GONE!

panic has taken me I run to my bike and jump on in one motion I left it pointing down hill just in case I needed to make an emergency exit” and this was … I shot down and across the hwy to the other side and felt safe again with the two lanes the 70 mile an hour cars with headlights passing by every ten or twenty seconds between us I was watching the two by the gate and the one dominate to the left standing in plain view rocking back and forth snarling at me and as a car would come up the hill its headlights would cast on to the place where they stood they would ease back with the shadow never letting the light strike them and as soon as it passed they would reappear rocking and snarling. A couple of times cars would be coming in both directions which extended the time they would stay hidden from view. As I looked through IR I could easily make out their features and what struck me about this group was the skin. They looked like white people in bear suits or like way over grown Irish dudes with red hair beards and very white skin! Only ones I ever saw that looked so white. White faces hands & ears! I think it was the ears that made me realize the difference. This went on for maybe twenty minutes then I got the feeling I was being flanked again and after seeing the snarling frustrated dominate so well for so long & how fierce his face looked I took off as fast as I could down hill back to the safety of the neighborhood still shaking when I got home  5 minutes later!

Still to this day that pod is the only one I ever witnessed with white skin. It almost always is grey like apes or black like dark-skinned Africans. And I haven’t seen them again after that. the one and only time. I think I’ll take my boy for a day time stroll up there to-day it’s been a while since I been up there.

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    Am always I Find, in amazement at the things ,, We learn ,from the observation’s of fellow ,,
    Researcher,s and there are strong Indication’s, ,that What people have reported for Hundred’s
    of year’s,,Should be taken, as part of the Big Picture in proving the Existance of Intelligent ,,
    Being,s,, that choose to live in ,,some of the ,Most out of the way, places,, the one,s Man,,
    Seldom, visit’s, this Has proven ,,What many will ,See as the ,Possibilities, of another,,Form
    of ,Life down a less traveled Road, ,But One with track’s.

    • treepeekers says:

      AND I have found them visiting our neighbor hoods at night in the most populated areas! ROADS less traveled yes and roads UNSUSPECTED too! and under the freeways,creeks, green belts and graveyards, train yards, ship yards, and backyards! Yes it’s true what I’m stating….I’m not crazy i have the photos of tracks and the video’s too! timing is everything ….when I get a bit more computer savoy I’m going to switch from writing a blog to video blogs and then watch out! I have a back log of pictures and videos to publish!

      • Dan Elliott says:

        Well ,,after alittle thought on this ,it takes ,a man such as yourself to go into the night,on those
        journey’s, that have many door’s to go down, just most people can’t, seem to go nocturnal,,
        we it seem’ are diurnal creature’s, and in our mind’s are ,alway’s awarehouse of thing’s that
        go bump in the night, you have mastered,,the ability to look where most would have made ,
        a u turn,,the fact of them coming to our back yards , and between our home’s,,only to walk,
        on cement highways,,and study our park’s and people,, only serves to remind us,that you,
        have agift,, to not allow fear of the dark to enter, or what is in it, to penetrate the world
        you know so well, remarkable.

  2. Noppie says:

    I had what I though was a bigfoot sighting last year near Elkridge Maryland while lost leaving my nephew baseball game. I had pulled over to rest my iPhone to get direction when a what appeared to an exceptionally tall hairy woman stepped over the jersey barriers onto the road in front of my vehicle.

    I had believed in Bigfoot before. But that was it. I would not say this female had the complete fur covered body. She was more like an extremely hair man. Her shoulders and groin area were the only area complete covered with hair blocking out all skin tone.

    She had a child on her back. That child appeared to the same shape as my 10/11 year old nephew. I saw no hair on his back or legs. But he had a mop of hair on his or her head.

    I was not afraid at first. But when I looked to my left I saw the ugliest face I had ever seen right by my driver side window. That scarred the shit out of me. I could not pull forward because the female and child were in front of me. But as he stepped back into the shadow. I could tell he was still there.

    I grew up in a community called Randallstown in Maryland(1960-1999). Growing up there it was more radically more rural then it is today. I have since moved on Westminster several towns away. Growing up there we always heard wood knocks and what we called tarzan yells. Over the year we would hear noise thing that we were told was some animal trying to kill a deer. One park ranger said he knew there was a declawed lion that had been set free in our area. It could not kill the animal the way a normal lion did. They assumed it would eventually starve to death. In 1988 my mother and several of my neighbors in Randallstown saw the police capture a lion. She called my father and I at work crying because the police took the film out of the video camera. But even after that capture we heard those death cries in Randallstown.

    My brother also moved to Westminster but lives in a very rural area. We go over there for our boy to ride their dirt bikes. Since my sighting in 2010 I have heard the wood knocks when the boys get on their bikes. Most of the wood knocks start as it is getting dark.

    Also since my 2010 sighting I now see movement of any type all around me all the time.

    • treepeekers says:

      Keep listening they’re even closer than one might think…especially at night! So interesting when we finally connect the dots! Love it! and thanks for sharing your experiences here!

    • treepeekers says:

      Noppie, Thanks for that… that’s very interesting siting experience and your awareness of them all these years has you suddenly ready to take the leap forward to ….lets I say… Enthusiast! OR are you more than a believer / enthusiast ….? anyway sounds like you can get more if you wanted…to get closer…more regular encounters…

  3. James Smith says:

    freeman what do you think made these particular sas so aggressive? it sounds
    if you hadnt gotten the hell outta dodge when you did posthaste, you may have come up amongst the missing. i guess just about the time you think you might have handle on sas behavior they throw you change up or maybe in this case threw a 95 mph fastball behind your head. gets the heart beating a bit faster tho. have you ever been back to that area?

    • treepeekers says:

      I think they were just being sassy… I stayed my distance because I was ‘new’ then and since then I’ve never had encounters with any white skinned only grey or gorilla looking black skinned even the yucca woman was grey skinned just like tree bark smokey white never have I seen that pod with the ‘white like you and me’ skin again. Folks dis agree about migrating… maybe some do some don’t …that’s sort of what I’ve found in my observations around here but… i think some go away then come back …I guess maybe I should write about it as a topic. I never got a rock tossed at me with ill intent… had a snow ball tossed at me during the shooting of ffb movie up in Skamnia & one tossed a rock at me and a fellow researcher a couple miles north from here. That one was confused about why we were not scared. Kept trying to get us to flee and we just nonchalantly kept going. those are the only times and they were not big league pitches just toss’ .I went there yesterday and did a walk through but no one home … not a single crack, whistle, hoot… nada! The time of day was probably not helpful and my 13 yr old son and I were stuck to the roads as it was still too over grown with stickers & poison oak and ticks to venture in to where I’ve in the past winters found summer hide outs. … i’d like to get the Flir going good and venture out there again at night! still fixing the bugs with that contraption… Jack was kind enough to send one out here it only really works well when plugged in to the wall so I have been pointing at the fruit trees in the backyards here and waiting for the night… the fruit is not quite ripe yet but I have been awakened by them having heated discussions out there a few times this month just two nights ago if ya are interested in what it sounded like go here click ‘chatter’ 1 …

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