My Friendly Patient Strategy

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was trying to be different by NOT putting youtube video’s up here cz that’s so well done by FBFB and I have my own videos which, when I have enough of a written material base, I will be crossing over to video blogging my daily finds and my techs in real time… for now… I’m gonna keep writing and probably when the leaves drop and I can walk in to their camps when the natural barriers will be down, I’ll start posting my findings as I make my rounds for the 6th year through my known areas… right here… til then, say the next 3 months, I’ll be just writing my experiences and building a foundation of my kind of research information, so I will make more sense to anyone new or old and context my research niche’….after all… I am THE INDUSTRIAL ‘Urban’ ‘Suburban’ ‘backyard and graveyard’ ‘green belt open space’ in the ‘middle of town’ GUY! All the other folks out there go look for them in the middle of the deep dark woods…well of course they are there too and they seem to like me so Seems like it anyway… I’m gonna keep it simple … I have a lot more to share that video is just a distraction from. When I get this FLIR working right, that will be my answer to all the hoo ha… still having trouble with it
staying ‘on’ all night unless it’s plugged in to a wall it turns off after 2-3 hours ‘No Bueno’! Technical difficulties abound presently. So I get to keep my videos a bit longer …. I have posted some to youtube and I have a nice face shot i took in IRVINE ca during the day of one on my facebook albums. that is my profile pic today! I’m pretty Facebook friendly. I usually friend folks I don’t know who are Fbfb fans, Biily Evans Or BF researchers, Sas watch Canada, Ontario Sas watch etc..

Freeman Young

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    I am in full understanding, of this problem,We have been on the subject of Wavelength’s so,,
    the problem, of using this could be due to,the incomplete, matching ofcycle’s, all electric, has,
    wavelength’s,,the chosen Hertz that all electric in the U. S. is and most others 60hz so there has
    A matching of power , and the device, in Europe they have a 50 hz cycle on all their Grids,
    this mean’s, all device’s made for a50 Hertz will only run properly,, on a Matched , system’,,So
    In the U S. all device,s are made for 60 hz as is the power that is , Distributed on the Grid, 60hz.
    if a device, imported from another Country it will not run correct on our power system, Many
    things are in this area, of incomplete Linking due to, this problem,, check On this, it might
    solve the problem, this is only a ,Possibility that often Occur’s, Freeman this may help. also
    I am one of your Friend’s, and Fan’s ,, so I will alway’s try to Help, You.

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