Trans Personal Effects of Squatchin

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

As a Sasquatch researcher I love the details, the science, the signs and sounds, everything just as much as any other squatch research enthusiast. However, there is an element to my research & encounters that give me way more than I could have ever imagined. The rush of a forest giant crashing through the woods in close proximity is the kind exhilaration that pumps adrenaline at the red line level,
right up there with combat,a being at a Birth or death, sky diving, base jumping, hang gliding or any other “extreme sport” YES I am a Class ‘A’ & ‘B’ Adrenaline Junkie…. WHY? In my life I have somehow been always seeking what it means to be truly Human, ever since I was a young boy. My applied will + conscious intention = Co-creating Peek Experiences. I found my way to things that others consider ‘crazy,’
Life or death no room for error things trying to understand how these experiences, in whatever form they might occur, leave a permanent mark on the body & soul. In these moments there are intense feelings of healing, well-being, wonder, awe and transcendence…changing us for the better…even discovering a greater enthusiasm, creativity, renewed sense of purpose and deeper meaning of life.
I would guess BF knows very well that Humanity is in crisis. It’s also clear to them that the crisis is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness and the world is having a Spiritual emergence/emergency!It maybe that Homi’s may have a message to be shared one encounter at a time.

In the case that ones initial response is fear, one will be confronted by a fight or flight adrenaline state of panic, and an overwhelming need to run or freeze in fear. Most people when this occurs “way out in the dark woods”…start running…
a reasonable choice depending on terrain…and a reinforcer of that response chemical ride in the body. A large percent may even have a ‘panic attack’ and collapse for a bit into an adrenaline stupor vulnerable as a baby laying on the ground immobile peeing or drooling or both…
this or some flavor of this, happens all most as much as running away. The third and best option if one can manage to keep it together for say 10 to 20 seconds is when you freeze..

. Breath through the paralyzing rush, open up your heart and push past the fear until you drop back down from the overload of the bodies pharmacopia…ahh easier said than done! This is the practice … that I transform my instinctual response until something else within emerges… walking, sometimes fast sometimes slow stalking, quietly moving as much like animals as humanly possible blending in to the all oneness…

If one is lucky enough to get in close proximity to BF and pass through the fear to the actual feeling of being ‘opened’ by the presence of Sasquatch [of course this is a small percentile] in all their exquisiteness, beauty and wildness… What descends upon the experiencer is a transcendent state of great inner peace with significant shifts in attitudes & values.
In this exchange the information is understood by the direct cognition ‘ via the eyes & many other pathways, through our whole body’s chemical sensory receptors, the “how” I have been, each time impressed with an inner peace, a knowing, and a continuum of understanding and connection. We start to recognize our world does not depend on what we own, social status, how much $$$ we make, the ‘roles we play,’ or our educational circumstances that conditioned our beliefs. All falls away in the presence of a Sasquatch.
Identity falls away, muscles relax that you didn’t know were tense, unexpected and profound relief opens up to more room for humility, compassion & wisdom . A sort of engaged detachment or nonchalance. In those moments we are actually on the path toward being Free! Free from the self-inflicted tyranny of a limited conditioned sense of self that is at the judgement of external circumstances needing continuous validation in defense.

. In that state a person is transformed, they are forever altered by the phenomena we call ‘Bigfoot encounter’ and we are never the same. Sasquatch is a trgger a key to assist to chemically unlocking another way of being, more awakened way more intuitive way, a richer and more fully connected with Nature way, Ours and Creations. This is the driving force behind ‘why and what’ has seemed to those close to me, to be an’obsession’ with, why I can’t seem to put it down… It’s like combat with no bullets… It’s like the movie avatar when the crazy rhino charged….Stand your ground and the flood of healing is enormous
open to unconditional love and you become the truest Human you can be!

. BREATHING THROUGH and not screaming out while navigating the full flow of chemicals and reaction to the “HUGE Hairy Thing right over there!” Breathing with intention, through the paralyzing rush, open up your heart and push past the fear until you drop back down from the overload of the bodies pharmacopia…ahh easier said than done! This is the practice … that I transform my instinctual response until something else within emerges… walking, sometimes fast sometimes slow stalking, quietly moving as much like animals as humanly possible blending in to the all oneness…BREATHING IS THE KEY…

  1. Bob says:

    I agree completely with everything Freeman is saying here. Being a card carrying thrill seeker myself I understand what Freeman is talking about. I started early with flying and then quickly moved into skydiving. The adrenaline rush was addicting and I found myself moving in other directions that included storm chasing and lightning photography. All of my hobbies are risky to some degree.

    My bigfoot research started because I was screamed at by something HUGE in Canada (just like the 1994 Ohio moan). I was puzzled by the experience until I heard the same vocalization on the TV.
    I like to camp, fish and basically enjoy my time in the forests, so it wasn’t difficult to include squatch’n into these activities. One thing I noticed right away was…not everyone could take the stress of sitting in the woods at night. Is a matter of fact, I found myself alone most of the time. I also found that being alone in the woods at night is better. Things happen when you are alone!!! I believe that Squatch is not as intimidated by just one man and they will get close. It seems like a game to them to see how close they can get to me undetected and then run away trashing trees as they move away. I have felt the” bu yah man nay – thunder”!!

    If you keep your cool and stay calm in any stressful situation the outcome will be better for everyone. I learned how to control myself even though I am scared shitless. Being less than 10 seconds from impact under a malfunctioning parachute will help teach you this technique. This unusual human behavior is why they approach so close….they know that I know…so they mess with me. This is exactly what is going on between Freeman and the group he researches.

    I look at Squatch’n just like I look at storm chasing. The storm is magnificent and beautiful but it can kill you. So I treat storms, flying, skydiving and Sasquatch the same way – with respect. If Sasquatch wanted to hurt me they had plenty of opportunity. I have only been threatened one time but for the most part I don’t think they will be aggressive unless they are seriously provoked. If they don’t want you around they will let you know. In my case they pushed a 15 foot oak tree over…yep time to go.

    There is a connection with yourself, mother nature and Sasquatch after a solo experience.

    • Paul says:

      YES! on the part of having to be alone in the woods. I have tried to find a partner to bolster my fear, but i cant even get them into the woods at night. The primordial fear of stepping into the pitch black of woods has been to great for 2 of my friends who cant go at night without a flashlight, my other friend actually made it into the woods but couldn’t cross foot wide log over a creek to get to the main game trail. ( I call it the highway ) And even after that there is a mile hike to my sitting stump. O yeah and the walk back is always more unnerving.

  2. Paul says:

    I have to Admit, the scariest moment of squatchin in my experiences so far would have to be 3-4 days ago.(ive only been doin this for 6 weeks) that night i was out in the woods, just mostly listening.(that’s about all you can do in the woods at night) I heard a few unusual things. Walking back out of the woods i heard something coming through the trees above me, and i looked just soon enough to see this 10 inch bone land about 10 feet in front of me. I picked it up, looked around to see nothing as usual, and put the bone in my bag. Then i proceeded to hike home.
    Two hours later im in bed, watching shark week. All the sudden this FREAKISHLY loud whistle sounds off right out side my house. My hair stood upand it froze me still for about 10 seconds(i thought it was right by my window it was so loud) I was afraid to go by any of my windows for the rest of the night… Then later i asked myself… Did they follow me home?

  3. Bob says:

    Paul, They were watching shark week too!! LOL. It is possible they followed you home but my first question would be why? other than shark week anyway! The bone getting tossed at you is cool enough!! The best part is…throwing things is primate behavior!! Deer, Elk, Bears and Rodents…don’t throw things. That is a good piece of evidence – keep it. Go back to the same location and leave apples and or goodies with no tricks. See my artical on my website: click on the articles tab and read the artilcle – Gifting Not Baiting

    • Dione Ardania- Emerson says:

      Hey Bob, I want to thank you for your website. The sounds I hear in my forest are on your website and it was the only other time I’ve ever heard them. Sasquatch was instrumental in my awakening, if you would. cheers and thanks to Freeman for turnng me on:)

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