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There is a different reality actually …that is where this is leading… ALL of us ‘Bigfooters’ out there collectively. It’s leading to a greater awakening, greater connection and understanding with in us in these intense times. In this prusuit, it brings a growth of an awareness and deepening discovery of what it is to be truly human. This blog is to be a bridge to this ‘ way of life’. It’s not that big a deal if ‘academia’ catches on…it is for us, the ones who actually walk the woods at night & day searching for more than ‘signs’ & ‘tracks’ listening into the depths of space…it is a hunt for Life, for Spirit, for truth and the secret knowing that comes from the experiences in realitry, a communion called collectively “BIGFOOT”….

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    Well , there can be no, Denial, that all of us have traveled a Path, that most never Go Down,, they ,,Have a certain, feeling to not Enter,, To go the Path where most find to their,, Liking.
    Yes there is a gate, to Discovery, A Place that is, the Home of Other People,, of the , rarely ,
    Seen,or mentioned ,Forest People, Yes,, Forest People and they will show,,them selve’s
    after a period of Bonding ,,and Trusting, that take’s Time, so look around and ,,be at Peace
    No Hurry, Miracle’s are all around,, We just look the wrong way, at time’s.

  2. James Smith says:

    theres more to find on that journey than just the sas people too…..

    • treepeekers says:

      more to find ? like what Aliens? multidimensional encryption? OURSELVES? could ya be a little more specific! what are you talking about…really?!

      • James Smith says:

        i dont know if they are aliens , i doubt it, but i’ve come to believe anything is possible. i meant interdimensional , multiverse, whatever you call them. the beings of myth and legend. and what a very nice lady has explained to me what she calls realmers. earth spirits, water spirits, tree spirits, etc. i know how it sounds but ……. and oh yes you definately find yourself . peace, later

  3. treepeekers says:

    The Realm Travelers, Way Seers, Spanner Gates, Grid Keepers, Indigo’s & Angelic’s Are all currently engaged this Solar Activation Cycle as well as all the Aliens in the huge armadas flying above us now and the ones who’d have it all for lunch to sustain their insatiable hunger… we are surrounded by light & dark forces all in a play to acquire & acreate…wisdom from experiences and demonstrate our free will choice alignments and manifestations… Our Frindly neighborhood Hominids “Bigfoot” are also engaged in finding ways to wake us humans up and redirect us from our departure away from our awakening toward the path way finding our True Selves… our Higher Identity which is Our Eternal Life….aka Way OF LIFE….this is who I am…..Forever Freeman

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