Conversations with Sasquatch?!

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I consider myself pretty close with the ones I observe. They know me, my scent, my sounds, my habits, my intentions. I have been able to flush them out of very unique supposed ‘unsquatchy’ habitats.
I’ve been able to coach others around the country on where to find them in their neighborhoods and they are now successful on this path too. I usually don’t TRY to get too close. I try and watch for them as they pass from night time domains back to daytime domains and have been successful a lot of the time…I leave gifts of toys and or food and they take them half of the time and half the time they sit for weeks.
They come close when they want to and even though I know where their day time haunts are, their camps, I respectfully stay at least a couple hundred yards away. I don’t venture in these camps until fall when they leave those camps for camps deeper in the woods as their natural barrier and cover of poison oak drops it’s leaves during this time.
I have successfully introduced folks to class A’s and many more class B’s and know for a fact that they understand my thoughts, my prayers, my whisperings and my intentions. I don’t claim to hear words “per say” when i communicate with them, I simply ‘know’ from a ‘direct cognition’ a sort of telepathic form of communication and through decoding their various sound responses, such as knocks, cracks, whistles and vocalizations. A lot of times I get responses from simply asking questions to the forest like, “are ya out there ?” *crack* “is this OK?” *crack crack*. When I have a sighting it’s usually them peeking from behind something like old cars, trees, rocks, bushes etc, hardly ever right out in the open unless they’re hiding in plain site and think I either can’t see them or I don’t believe what I’m seeing!!

I have always been someone who is after the truth about life and won’t take others’ words for it, I have to find out for myself, this is the standard I live by and Squatch by. Everything I write about here is responsible story telling from MY experience and with one exception “Honobia” which is a repeated here because it was told to me while out on the road with FBFB and I wanted to flush out more ‘first hand experience-rs’…get the real story. But everything else I’ve written up to now is just from ME and I’m not making things up…I’m trying to discover and awaken with the others on the same quest by sharing what I find here.

I’ve begun to connect with a core of individuals like myself who are obsessed with this phenomena and have even greater apparent insights which was my intention in the first place.. to meet others like myself or with more insights and then to help newbies find their way in the dark. Which has led me to this:

There’s a few folks out there in field that claim to be on a first name basis with Sasquatch. This to me is not impossible, merely extraordinary…. and a natural next step in my relationship and research. I have not been able to sit closer than 20 yards while they peek at me and no “words” were said by them, although I have had a couple times when they’ve been hiding right next to me and I didn’t know it and they’ve ‘tagged’ me and run off through the woods like in a game of chase!
They communicated with their eyes (which by the way I have never seen done right by artists drawings) a kind of ‘understanding’ and soothing healing sensation that flows though my body. Very different then the counter effect of being adrenalized during the fight or flight and re-writing that reaction.

It’s more like when I swam with wild Dolphins in the early AM in Hawaii every morning I was there…they came out of the depths to greet me. Words? No. Did I get it? yes, I got it… Or the two moms and babies Humpbacks that came right next to me while snorkeling for abalone here in northern California. I have had similar experiences all my life with all sorts of other animals (besides squatch) and plants, a sort of Christopher Robin meets Peter Pan meets Dr. Dolittle.
Pictures of me as a child with wild Magpies eating from my hand. Many times owls will sit with me close right next to me on the ground and fan all their feathers out while in a bow… this happened to my son too! Having fun with Bob cats, Silver Foxes and Raccoons, wild rabbits and squirrels all sorts of mice and voles, lizards & amphibians…Deer eating potato chips right out of my hand! Not to mention all the little birds I call friends.
Raising abandoned baby barn owls. Nursing back to health a red tail hawk. Riding the horse that everyone is bucked off… as a 5 year old playing in a junkyard with supposed vicious dogs…as a teenager waking up with baby rattle snakes all around me trying to stay warm as I slept or when Coyotes were laying next to me when I awoke one night in the desert…and the sort of “pied piper” experience last winter with the Kilimba and the big fella stomping all the way up the hill to us just to simply stand there watching the fun… these are all real events.

I know that it’s a gift, animals know when it’s safe and when it’s not. It seems to me the natural next evolution is to ‘ask’ for closer encounter, a meeting, a face to face and then see what happens…I’ll offer gifts and send the request.
I’m gonna be patient and have no expectations, listen very carefully and not make anything up… just witness what happens, what shows up, what is ‘in the space’, and most importantly, what I hear and/or understand and HOW that IS communicated… this is an experiment in real time with you the readers.

I just took a break, walked the dog and found fresh tree breaks right on the edge of my little piece of suburbia in a spot that they frequent about every night! I know they could be there anytime after dark…I’m thinking maybe I’ll walk up into the woods after dark and sit and wait see if they want to “speak” with me…
my approach as always is with deep humility, love and always the utmost respect…AND only in service to the One True Source God Eternal and it’s ever loving healing devotion to all life everywhere.

I’ll keep ya updated as I go … any suggestions in comments are welcomed…. to be continued…TREEPEEKERS

  1. Bob says:

    Interesting read Freeman. The group that I research here in Texas act the same ways. They are always curious about my presence and one way that I was able to reassure them that I was not out to get them. I always bring apples and goodies to them. I always enter the area the same way. I always announce myself when I am near. This way they can anticipate what I am going to do and my presence means gifts to them. I never once placed a camera near my offerings. I have an article on my website that goes into more detail about my project.
    Recently I dropped 8 apples off in the gifting area and on my way out I received 8 loud whistles. This most certainly is communiction.

  2. JP Smith says:

    Try hanging shiny, fishing lures (with the hooks removed) high enough in a tree that only BF could reach it…or even a wind chime…


  3. JP Smith says:

    Also, bring them meat! I’ve been told they prefer it cooked, but beef jerky, brisket, or anything flavorful will be extra special to them.

    They have plenty of veggies to snack on, but their giant, muscular bodies need protein above all else.


    • treepeekers says:

      this is always a problem in my experience. I sometimes leave a gift that sits for weeks and never touched & other times it’s not even out in the woods yet but out side in the backyard intended for them and they come get it without me hiking out to my offering spot! I’m thinking they are as picky as we are!

      • Jenny says:

        AWW How awesome!! Ive never have seen one and would love to see one from a distance… Im in Monroe, Louisiana, I dont think we have em here.. Not sure,, How long have you been interacting with em?? Thanks so much for this blog ive read everything twice.. Some really great Info. in here!!!! Take Care & Stay Safe out there

  4. michel says:

    Wonderful site, thanks so much. I too experience a wonderful telepathic relationship with our great brothers and sisters. I have been told tonite that they will be leaving soon, as the weather is changing. They assured me they would be back. It’s perfectly wonderful to have this kind of protected feeling. again, thanks.

  5. treepeekers says:

    Thank you & n where are you located?

    • michel says:

      Hi, Nice to hear from you. I live in Connecticut. It’s so difficult for ME to try an explain how everything really started, so I will say. Perhaps the people who have this gift that has been given to them can finally say that it’s always been there, just waiting for the right time to come along. I think it is great that they know you as they know me and quite a few other people it seems. I too, leave notes and chocolate, rocks. I know they protect me, I have recieved from them pyshically only two things. But telepathically, much more. Only once have they told me not to go into the woods. They have started to migrate from here now, to lower lands. But at least we will be able to talk.
      On another note, where are you from?

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