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Posted: August 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Took off at sunset with my Lab Kota, the usual him pulling me on my long board
to the edge of the woods where the trail goes in. This area is either hot or cold, either they are there or they are not. If they are it’s always fun because they are usually pretty close and on all sides as we walk up the valley!..
this night I looked up and it’s still not dark but the sunset is pink and the San Francisco fog is hovering on the hill tops a mile away cooling and blustery,
I can hear the trees in the distance and the wind hasn’t reached us yet so it’s still and soft where we are… I walk slow…nice and easy… listening deeply and feeling deeply into the woods.
A Barn owl flew out and as I watched it fly over the hill-top about 200 yards away in the middle of the hill, not on the horizon,
two little blue lights are shining in the trees.
I stop and in my mind I say ‘good evening’ relate ‘how blessed I feel’ in that moment. I even waved and said in real sweet tones with all my heart, like when you see an old friend.
“HI! Thank you so much for showing me your luminosity” and I take a seat in the road on the skateboard and pull out the night vision and start scanning. As I scan around I’m focusing in at different distances and I notice something grey with shiny black swaying in the willows right in front of me about 10 yards away…peeking… then swaying back behind the willows. In one of those moments I can see it’s entire face and it’s unusual features.
It’s now getting dark fast and without the night vision I couldn’t make out that much at all, except for the eye shine up high on the hill overlooking us. After a while I get up and slowly walk along through the dense dark part where the road goes over a small but always flowing creek. This water is a good resource at this ‘end of summertime’
and just beyond it I look back and I can see the outlined entirety of one that is very close as I walk by standing in the thicket in the dark right next to the trail! I feel a rush as I walk by this one and as I pass I wave and say ‘Hi’ out loud acknowledging its presence and that I see it, as I keep my slow deliberate pace,,, looking through the night vision every so often if I think I see something as I trudge…
I notice one is on the horizon up above me about 300 yards and it’s pretty big! It’s shadow out lined by lighter sky, then it crouches down a bit cause it can see my IR.
The valley opens up and on all sides of me one appears, then another, there! over there! there! there’! They aren’t close maybe 100 yard or more but they are in plain view standing openly showing themselves to me. Again I stop and sit watching the ones in the open grass lands going for the cover of ‘Baccherus’ aka ‘coyote bush’.
It grows about 10-12′ ft high and it’s all around in the valley. They have tunnel like trails that wind around & through with poison oak & blackberry brambles mixed in. Great for them bad for humans! They may lay in the shade IN THERE ALL DAY! listening to dog walkers and loop hikers, Mt. bikers everyone who uses that park and they are right over there in the middle of the impenetrable brush just chilling!
I know this because they have acknowledged me in the daylight hours too! Was a real surprise for both of us! they thought I was one of them, and I was just practicing for a ‘real’ expedition!

After a while I decide to mosey on and they are crashing through the tinder dry grass, cow parsley and mustard…very quickly moving in behind the single bush in the field and over in the distance I hear quite a chatter… there’s definitely something up tonight! As I descend to the other side of this area i change my usual route and stay on a direct course and not towards the racket, towards the road and houses. I am not followed as closely as I was they are far more cautious as I tread down to where the houses backyard fences line their property and their outdoor lights are on.
as I walk through another very dark tunnel of willow, oaks, pines redwoods I notice one is up in the tree! dang if only I had the flir operational! That one was stuck up there! treepeekers, nice,easy, copyrightsTreepeekers
September 1, 2011 05:58 PM Unlisted
Then out on the highway and jump on my board and Kota & I sail down hill to our little tract of houses… and I can’t help but think… should I go back out alone? See whats up? stay out all night… again… well maybe one more time now that I’m done writing this!…Kota always wants to go for a walk…just … around the block! there’s no street lights here so they come across the road when it settles down into sleepy quite..they wait and watch and listen from the corner .. plenty of tree breaks, look outs and clearings all smoothed out from sitting crouched down in the dark as cars and perhaps dog walkers go by…
then when it feels right they dash across the intersection and jump the fence into the corner houses backyard and cuts through to the other side and make their way into our little “Sherwood Forrest” to raid the gardens compost and dog & cat trays birdseed etc…
and they will move around sounding off every so often to check in… with subtle clicks, chirps, owl calls and cat calls even dog imitations sometimes…I have heard dog barking sort of horse sounding out in the middle of no mans land… no trails and way thick and a “horse dog” otherwise weird sounding in a weird locations! They even sometimes seem to get in a dispute about something and all at once a racket like ‘other worldly’ occurs and then, just as suddenly… silence! Well I’m gonna use that FLIR even if I can’t open the files, at least I’ll capture them and figure out the small stuff later!!! I’m going out for another round…then sleep…

  1. Jon Boutelle says:

    Okay Bro…I like what you’re saying…I live in Utah Valley, Utah. I’ve been told there are Bigfeet around here. I wouldn’t know. But I’m willing to learn. I’m 42 years old and 20 years ago I lived in a tiny town in Washington state named Ephrata. I made friends with a few people during that time. They swore to me that they, on a regular basis, saw and slightly interacted (habituation, i guess) with a group of Sasquatches in the mountains surrounding the town. Let me tell you, it was hard for a 20 year old punk to believe. But now 20 years plus later i believe. Where do i start? Are there Sasquatches everywhere? Do I just head for my local mountains two miles east of here and see what’s up? Any help would be appreciated. And for the record…i am voicing and asking for many many people who “want to believe” and who want to “check things out” but really don’t have the slightest clue where to start. i apologize for being a bit wordy…but please lay it on us. We’re ready to learn, observe, and help the world come into the new paradigm shift that it needs to accept an animal that has existed as long as human kind has been around…Thank you. Jon B. Orem, utah.

    • treepeekers says:

      JON B ok well start here, for now, start at the beginning andwhen you get through it you’ll have answered a few questions . If ya want to give me a address I’ll look at it from above and tell ya where to go look closets to you… I’ve been helping others like you and one had his first siting for 20 minutes today! i’ll keep your info confidential so I’ll send a note to your edress at yahoo. cheers

      • treepeekers says:

        Hi, and thank you for responding to me. My address is 223 w 1700 s Orem, Utah 84058. I’m assuming you have access to some kind satellite technology to look for best places?

        Thank you very much for your help. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog

        Jon Boutelle

  2. Dan Elliott says:

    Amazing, that bond you have with the Forest People,,You are among the Elite,, to be Able to ,,
    Have, let’sSay Communion, with these People, You are a rare Person, that they allow in to,,
    Their ,Place of ,Simply Safety, Where they are Able to Live in Perfect Harmony ,with ,,Earth,,
    They Use only what the Forest Provide’s,,and usually they select Place’s, that most, won’t
    or Can’t Enter, Because the Obstacle’s around them ,, Thorn’s,, Poison Ivy, Poison oak,,
    thorn bushe’s, Gully’s, Rock field’s,Boulder’s and the, Spot on the Hill’s that is their Home.
    they trust You,, the Spot ,Provides a warning to them, I Believe they ,Have taken You into
    Their Family.

    • treepeekers says:

      thanks Dan it did feel like play like they allowed me to see them they greeted me they followed me and when i ventured out of the woods they stayed back and flashed eyes at me from in the trees i think! hard to tell took a few photo’s today of some 15.5 x 5 x 7in the covert where my dog like to swim!

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