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Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since the last post til now…I’ve been “Squoatching” coaching folks in all diffrent parts of the us and Canada & a few had luck on their first try!.. a few after only a few weeks, have had their first Class A and eye shine sightings as well…This is awesome because this way of approach to Urban, suburban, rural, swamp, savanna, thick woods or open desert, It’s working…It’s worked for these folks…and anyone who wants to dare to try it! I have one in Ga. and she’s really taken off seeing though night vision monocular from her house!…I have one in Ohio who found tracks and sign, One in Southern Illinios that had a long watch thru binocs and then was visited at night and flashed eye shine in his back yard! There are two ladies in California, one has gone right out and found & photographed a print and stick structures, the other has had them in her back yard often late at night left scratches on the tree as well… another in Florida heard crashing, snap popping of the branches out in the swamp right behind a recently developed + built commercial/industrial warehouse with the back of it just wild swamp lands …what’s exciting about this the common ground between all those various locations…the lady in Georgia is having a similar to the ladies in California, the guy in Southern Illinois is seeing same kinds of behavior as the ones out here in and over in Ohio! There’s more similarities than differences! For me it’s as good as being there when I get reports back about their experiences and it tests and ties together our findings mine and many others… and the subtle shift in awareness that having a Sasquatch experience brings to the seeker and the finder of facts for ones self… Like I always say, “DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT GO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!” I can get ya close to them from here!
My experience this past weekend has been exciting with Saturday night being exceptional. Friday night I was invited to do a “little Burning man” for my friends and their kids in the town where I saw and experienced the “EVENT” (earlier chapter) We had eye shine right through a hole in the wood fencing in a spot that was previously and after DARK! I could see through night vision and showed the residents their other guests! Saturday night I was at a ranch in Petaluma Ca. for an all night prayer service. As the night began Knocks were occurring and when I could take a break and go outside I had my night vision and I could see a group standing at the back fence of the back yards of a row of houses facing the road and we were down a long drive about 100 yards past that line. They hung out along time keeping watch and flashing their eyes…by 4 am all but one had left…it kept the eye shine visual until almost day-break moving away along the hedge row cover to a creek and climbing the tree and then disappeared.
And in my neighborhood just a little while ago I had eye-shine from a tree in the middle of the green belt between where the houses and their lights are this was definitely not in the houses, not where any light ever is, and was bright aimed at me as I walked slowly along and I flashed back with glowing pulsing light up Frisbee…

What’s next??? We are certain to find out!

  1. JP says:

    My name is JP and I’m one of the people that Freeman has been Sasqoaching as of late. I live in Central Florida which is practically a swamp and wetland and in some places it’s a full-on jungle.

    So far, one of the things I have learned, is that they are just as curious about us as we are of them.

    We own a newly constructed recording studio that is in a commercial warehouse park which was built right in the middle of the jungle. The builders used only the land necessary to build on and the rest is just as wild as before the construction took place.

    Behind our studio is a swamp that is used for water retention and draining as it runs into Lake Monroe; a huge lake fed by several springs, rivers, ponds and even other lakes.

    A good friend of mine has been staying overnight at the studio, helping to put the finishing touches on the interior construction and completing the kitchen portion of the studio.

    About a week ago, he told me that he heard a very loud tree knock that came from about 60 feet from where he was standing just outside of the studio’s front door while having a smoke.

    My friend is a very experienced woodsman and knows (as do I) all of the native sounds of our Florida swamps, forests and jungles. He said that what he heard was only a single, extremely loud tree knock.

    Earlier this week, I was standing outside with my buddy just talking about how cool it was outside that evening. We both heard a very loud and deliberate snaps and breaks that would stop immediately after and then happen again every 30-60 seconds or so.

    Whatever was making these noises was not making any sound walking across the ground as we could detect no sound of footsteps.

    The snaps and breaks were coming from about 12-15 feet above the ground and continued in about a 50 ft radius starting at about the 11 o’clock position and moving to the 9 o’clock position directly in line with my left ear, and back to the same 11 o’clock position that it had originated from.

    Last night I was at the studio again as we were conducting a recording session with a very talented young female artist who was warming up by sitting outside in front of the studio and playing her acoustic guitar and singing.

    I casually glanced into the swamp area which was to my left again (I rarely look directly into the swamp and instead, I try to act casual as if I didn’t know “they” were watching) and as soon as I did, I heard 2 tree knocks with only a slight pause in between.

    After hearing the 2 knocks I went inside the studio and out through a security door that opens in the back of the building which is completely dark.

    I sat in the doorway and listened…sure enough I heard another single knock only this time it was a bit further away, but still from the same area of the swamp.

    After the single knock, I heard the loudest amount of movement that I have heard yet coming from the same location that the snaps and breaks came from earlier in the week.

    After talking to a few of the musicians that record at our studio, I come to find out that they also have heard tree breaks, “screeching sounds” and the movement of a large creature in the same area that I and others have heard.

    I’ll write back with more as things occur. I’m not trying to rush things…they will happen as they should and when they should.


    JP Smith

  2. Dan Elliott says:

    AS With all things I have to try them out and See if , Any thing was going to be able to speak in term,s of using flash,es of their eye,s , Yes I seen the Blue color , here then another, Iwas in noWay
    to be in term,s of understanding their Eye,s but I was feeling ,The Fight or Flight syndrome, that
    is felt when you know, they are around ,and only see their eye,s upon, moment,s of adrenaline
    telling you to Run and Leave, this area, but I Can’t, Would only hurt myself, as I thought on Which,
    way ,to leave, Icalmed down and started up the trail Ikept going and came to my way ,Home, and
    that is where I went, beingFollwed till I was almost out, 3 hour,s of being in the dark by your self
    Only eye,s looking at You, will make You have that Breakthrough in your Mind, 3 Flashlight,s ,
    not one would turn on, new batteries,, after sitting at home , I Was at loss they all worked, the
    Flashlights, Freeman new what was going to happen to me , a new Respect.

    • JP Smith says:


      Did you hear any noises or did you only see eye shine? Did you get a peek at the peekers, by chance? Also, was this your first encounter?

    • treepeekers says:

      Dan <
      Thanks for the comment. It's happening! all over… I think it's up to a new highs with this kind of encounters… At least I'm hearing about them! Fun Stuff

  3. Dan Elliott says:

    Well to answer JP No this was not my first ,I Have seen them in Forest in the Light, But never by myself. When I left Home ,,Iwas not Miles away , From my home where this Happened,, Iwanted,
    To have a feeling of Some Security, I Soon found,they do come close to ,, Peoples Homes, and ,
    are around when We sleep, Idid hear stick’s breaking and the sound of ,Breathing , Alot of air ,,
    moving from their Lungs, I went back to the place, no tracks there were small Breaks,Iam still
    Studying the area, But now in the Light,, Ibelieve they are Watching me, from the sounds,
    I Will be back to report findings.

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