Rush Hour Homi’s

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

..had some VERY cool stuff happen the last two days & nights …on Thursday I discovered the Homi’s in an area previously thought of as way too close to homes etc…and then eyeshine from across the street..Thursday I stop and look down in one of the choke points and the homi’s were down there just out of sight of traffic but I could see them thru binoculars and they were sort of back in the very far corner of a cemetery about 200 archers with a “green belt and the freeway surrounding it… it is a prefect mid city hide out!!! My timing was perfect it was like they were checking the perimerter and I happened by right then… this was on the way to work on the way home, i caught a ride with my squatchin buddy, so we went to the schoolyard by my house and we had some fun with eyeshine and I flashed them with my lazer… we were walking quietly back to the car just when we arrived back at the car right behind us in someones front yard that has been a old farm so it had fruit trees and other cover we didn’t see or hear any movement only a burst of growly bad samurai then silence … nothing not a sound… weird…then the mute button is off
we could hear the world again..this was noted with particular interest at the time between us…then just now as the sun went down I was out just before dusk watching through high powered binocs … this I highly recommend ..I had eyeshine BEFORE DARK !!! yeah like one time I got eyeshine well after daybreak…
the main gig is light where there is no way there should be…the quality of the eyeshine pulsing with direct beams or indirect raysl ooking around is a way to distinguse the difference between a star, street light porch light or any other…the difference is it’s in a PLACE THAT NO LIGHT IS !! and it goes out! Day time comes and where you saw light was up a tree or on the side of the hill or the middle of nothing nowhere anyone would be at night…

I have a feeling it’s gonna be a very interesting winter…the Homi’s seem in anticipation of the “return” others have noted that feeling too.. time to gear

  1. Crossbow says:

    Ever tried responding with some “chatter” of your own?

    • treepeekers says:

      sure I’m actually quite good at mimicking them.. and have fooled a few here and there… and that usually gets me chew’d out after..this was unexpected … we were park in front of houses a few doors down from the wilds… and we were approaching the car in silence… it was right there like 5 yards away… and only 2 second outburst … to let us know… he knew our car, who we are, and that he letting us know all that and that it was miffed by the lazer tag… last night I went out to the school and no one around… they were somewhere else around … there’s lots of good places for them do their thing… they cycle or rotate their focused hunting/gathering areas & attention… but they normally have a look out posted in several spots overlooking the valley and everything in it… using the eyes to communicate across distances silently…this is what I que in on to find the ones doing the gathering …. they also move thru the areas in one direction speading out across entering into the neighborhoods and moving across them to the other side and back into the wilds …I have more details about exactly where but I’m saving that for later…

  2. Dan Elliott says:

    Well it is a little hard to take all this in , But they are sentient being’s, and can hide ,Right in front of
    You, Some think they are , Ape’s or as you said ,the first time to see one a Baboon, they use all 4
    to move on when , Required ,then in a run can go to Bipedal ,Locomotion, they are an Intelligent,, Being’ to the point, that defies ,Our understanding,, I Have decided , the more we watch, the more
    We learn, but also, the more question’s,, They have guards around their Perimeter, can move with,
    Stealth, unmatched by any one, but Man, I Was use to the country and forest to see these ,People,,
    which I have done, many time’s,and thought how Wonderful, now the Urban Sasquatch, well I,,
    Know, they are moving closer to man,, Literally ,in Chatam Illinois,they are said to have, caused
    A bacteria in their drinking water ,Supply of thew town. guess we are gonna see, Good Hunting,
    Good viewing, In Peace.

  3. Jenny says:

    Can I please Jus follow You around for a couple of Days?? I promise I wont bother you!! Gosh You are amazing.. Mr. SASWHISPER!! Take Care Jenn

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