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This Obsession

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Having a Sasquatch obsession is hard on relationships…if the bug has bitten you may know what I mean…It’s hard to not talk about it and extremely hard when something new & exciting happens ..
but folks closest to us just sigh and shake their heads or just flat out “I DON”T WANT TO HEAR IT!” “We can’t do anything with out you going into a Sasquatch signs search! ‘Squatchin’ all the time is too much!”

And those complaints are expressed even after I feel I’ve censured myself 80% of the time! How many times I have had to bite my tongue when there’s a Sasquatch peeking near by watching some sort of event out in the parks or lakes a community celebration or gathering and
I’m tuned in to them so I right away notice the very first snap knock or whistle… my attention focuses on their movements and suddenly I’m being chastised for not being present to the mundane speaker or whatever’s going on …

sometimes it’s really obvious when they do a huge tree break just over there and I love how people react to them with their explanations of why or how that happened..and my son or kids that I’m with are usually the ones who look at me and silently mouthing “WOW That WAS Sasquatch and they are from that point tuned in as well! Or when a Sasquatch was circling us out at a ranch in Willits, California…

so I take some food from the feast and go out to the creek and talk to it and leave the offering and it keeps racing around the place and my X-wife sees it running across the garden and says who’s boy is that in the hoody and what’s he doing running around out there through my garden??? I said it’s not who you think! she says who then I say you don’t want to know… she insists.. I say ‘a squatch’ and she says “why are you doing that? don’t make it mad! why do you always have to do that!?” I say take it easy I offered it some of the feast and talk to it let it know what we’re doing…Shes a bit miffed by the whole idea and says “well don’t make it mad!’ a storms away.. not really believing it’s actually true… then after we settle into the ceremony “CRASH!!” from just behind the lodge… a while later it walks right around the back side leaving nice size tracks and my son said he felt something sniffing him from outside the Tipi as he was laying down behind us as we sat… It spooked him enough to sit up for most of the rest of the night…and later after midnight he and I found the perfect foot prints so he showed his mother who STILL didn’t want to accept it!

That’s how it is mostly… folks can’t accept the fact. Hard evidence right in front of them or even seeing one, its tracks, a scream or some other ‘unknown’ sound or event that they experience first hand, even a picture of one.. can’t believe it.. so they explain away the ‘fact’ as it doesn’t fit into their ‘acceptable explanation criteria’ so they make something up that will and convince themselves it’s “like that”!!

Over & over time after time it keeps happening… this is what I see…folks have a fact in front of them … they look at it and depending upon their chemical sensory perception mechanism in their brains  which will determine the available “OPEN” neurons that will let them “see” the Facts as they are actually presenting without distortions. If these folks are not Chemically “open” to possibility their brains will, no matter how clear the evidence is, NOT LET THEM see what’s actually there and the mind will “CONFABULATE”  it into something it knows…something familiar.

Like BEARS…or blaming  or accusing me.. ‘that’s you’ or how’d you do that? or anything but seeing the FACT for what it is…NOW…it’s ok for me, finally, now that I understand ‘denile is a chemical in the brain‘…. before I discovered this fact and understanding, I would get very frustrated and think people were lying.. to just be opposed.. or i didn’t get it how they couldn’t see what was right infront of them..

but I have compassion now and can let them have their misinterpretations and don’t try to correct them…I try another approach to the matter and watch their chemical sensory perception generate the necessarily molecules to “see” with.. this happens to folks that first seek.. then see a squatch for the first time .

.. they weep uncontrollably and or shake feel weak dizzy like they may pass out… this is all due to the chemical response in the body to the reality bubble being ‘POPPED’ and this may take from 20 minutes to a few days to subside…this is how it starts… this “obsession”… with the chemical overload from within the body’s own pharmacopeia, as it reprograms itself to hold more information from “OUTSIDE” of its traditional conventional understandings and teachings.

Sasquatch experiences are like psychedelics in that they forever change the way we perceive our world and the more times we “see” something ‘outside the box’

the more we are able to ‘see’ as we build up chemical capacities in our brain chemistry… this also goes along with the fight or flight mechanism and the core energy signature we generate is made of >>>OUR VIBES” which are conveyed to all life around us as we go along..
.Animals are tuned to this as well as squatch they get us who we are what we’re like if we’re a threat or whatever as soon as we are within their awareness we are scanned up and down… read like a book and known ‘WHO WE ARE’
to them probably more than most of us know ourselves! Call it what you want or mayeb what your brain NEEDS.. I know what I’m talking about…It’s a FACT and a belief and a truth and a experience… always it’s more than we think!