Bus Stop Prints

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m waiting for the bus… and I look over and notice  a couple odd looking tracks that seem very interesting in the over all ‘picture’ of the Homi’s nightly comings and goings through out the neighborhood…looks to me like one adolescent either jumped up on the fence using the pole cable to steady upon landing …or to pull itself up not sure which way it was going probably up… 2 tracks evenly spaced both with a slight turn out wards and two toes on each side  slipping a bit as well..both at 13″ … and the other 3 toe marks a faint but there… this is just 10 yards from grey mud on hair painting the same fence! This is about 1/4 mile from where they were in the trees in the previous post.. and where I flir’d them during FBFB tour…


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