Is that THEM?

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the corner where the wilds meets the burbs…They are always nearby keeping a watchful eye & ear to who or what is coming or going into around or near to where the main group of child care providers are layin low durring day light hours … They seem to always alert,  tactically positioned.. at certain look outs that they know I know about and haven’t seem to mind… It used to be I ‘d find them we see each other… next time they were gone… right now this last couple weeks… consistantly hanging in the same look outs even durring the DAY! UPDATEd OCTOBER 17 ,2011 They definitely have changed their pattern since I’ve noticed it! They are still watching from trees it’s now hide and seek in the trees! What I’ve also noticed is they like to sit up and look out the tops at dusk! all my shots have been right as sun was going down except one that was at like 6 pm an hour before… and they change tree stands but kept the patterned time… so now I look at all the highest trees from a view like their’s up high on a hill or roof or second story window… I wonder if they are watching the sun go down…like we do? Seems like they are enjoying themselves and they are looking that way!??

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    As always Amazing, and the proof ,undeniable, keep up what you are doing.

  2. Crossbow says:

    Freeman, a request when you get a chance;
    You mentioned mimicing a squatch (verbal). I would love to see (and hear) some of what works for you on a vid.

    Thanks, C

    • treepeekers says:

      Well OK…someday soon when is ready…I suppose I’ll put some of my calls and such out as an example of how to…I’ve had a lot of various successes with my “bad Samurai” my
      whistles and whoops….I don’t use them too much any more unless I’m in a new area and not sure if they’re nearby so I’ll immitate then to see if they respond…but where they know me I just talk softly to them or simply “THINK” it as a sort of quiet monologue with silence… they usually respond to this much nicer!

  3. Sam Farish says:

    Excellent site you have here,I would love to come and see these big boys. Sincerely,Sam Farish

    • treepeekers says:

      OK Sam, When ever you come out to San Francisco You OR ANYONE READING THIS may schedule a expedition >>> I’ll guide anyone It’s the same RATES as
      Hunting or fishing guides… Depends on what you want I customize my price to reflect the ‘services provided! Contact me at
      To book an expedition…

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