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I went out to the property that has stuff in the house  so it looks  like someone  lives in it…but no one does…  to see what it looked like in there after a year of staying out of “their” little niche’s….A practice of mine so as not to scare them off… but when the leaves drop and the nights start sooner… I break my standard to have a look-see what might be there. I’ve noticed that there hadn’t been a lot of activity (sounds/commotion) around that piece very much as compared to the season before…and the path at the far end is well trodden and all attempts to keep a fence there failed with in a week or two…  always just bent and chain links ripped open like it’s not made of steel! I The place is built on a curve in the creek that boarders the outside edge of the yard and sort of goes around clock wise past the house.. that creek is their Thorough fair thru this outer suburb down through town , under the freeway and through the roughest parts of town all the way to the bay where for the last mile it’s in industrial/abandon dilapidated green houses and warehouses junkyards and the dump.

I’ve found tracks sign & breaks in it the whole way from the back of the dam where they hang out during day time as it’s fenced and guarded by security posted up on the dam. Anywhere along this creek they maybe hiding day or night even in down town! I found this out recently as went for a look near a tree break  in a abandon lot on the main street…and what I saw was incredible! It was like suddenly I was in the land of the lost! Every thing was way over grown with Ivy up all the huge eucalyptus  laurels oaks & willows… There was no access to the street and a 50′ ft drop down to the water level  and on one side  was a trail… used to be a homeless encampment under the bridge but not anymore… just wild… and as soon as I got to the trail there were several different size tracks going up-stream left during the recent rains. I walked a long scaring up a few deer… and when I just sat and was quite listening to everything I could hear the busy street traffic but it was amazingly calm and peaceful.. then I heard a single knock down stream more in the town so I said hello and after a bit went back up ..I don’t like to get in their way especially since it’s not really ‘the wilds’ and i’m the only one who’s noticed them I stay a healthy distance and try to be as nonchalant as I can… so..

I’m down in the creek at that house and I’m sort of looking around a bit and it’s definitely not as used as last year hardly at all a few old impressions nothing good a break …paths have a lot of deer tracks and I saw some recently used deer beds…  I want to cross to the other side it’s deep and too far to jump so I have to go across a willow that’s growing like a bridge but it requires crashing through a bit of dead branches + stickers… have to … si as I’m making my loud way across I hear a deer just out of sight maybe 10 yards moving away… when I make it across and up to the edge of the back yard looking across a grassy area bout 75 yards from the house to brush line and hundred from me to the other side… I have my strong small binocs to look through.  I’m laying down peeking like a squatch the top of my head is all with binocs peering and the

BIG buck’s horns appear first then his ears and then eyes he can’t see me but knows I gotta be around somewhere and is extremely nervous as it carefully steps out into the open. Then out straight across from me I see a jet black shiny squatch looking carefully at the buck as the buck looks at me and then dashes across the grass right at the squatch and as it crests the top of the ditch it trys to veer but squatch leaps and they meet mid-air and tumble out of sight with not as much commotion as you’ expect. It was silent.. Must of either broke the neck or it got away… so I jump up and dash across sliding so as not to be seen if it’s right there… slowly peering over …nothing! just a wake through the blackberry bushes and into the willows…no sounds either. then I hear Stellar Jays start-up squawking… they are the warning to all in the forest round here and they tell on squatch a lot! it’s about 50 yards further in so I’m not about to try to find a way past those brambles I’m happy with my “wild kingdom” moment how lucky for squatch I scare that buck right to him and who knows he was probably stalking it for years! I hope I won some favor with it… ya think? A couple of nights ago I was working late out at the warehouse on the industrial side of town and I was out with my night vision and the only green belt through there is a block away… used to be a train yard switching and storing and they took out the tracks down where I’m at and a mile or so away is a still working train yard. I found a track in mud there and I heard howls and knocks on occasion so I look around out there and Eyeshine lights up about half  mile  away near the houses at their back fences stop as it opens to the green belt which ends at a fairly large junkyard. They were right next to it and then I could easily see them against the silvery metal back drop as they walked in front inside the yard! REALLY! it was a shocker again I seem to have to reassure my mind that yes this is happening yes this is not supposed to be! And I gazed at this for quite a while tripping out on this  industrial squatch wondering what the heck they might be doing.. Rodents? Fruit? Fun? what ever it is there was a pod… so many too far away to accurately count but between eyshine and the metal back drop making their out line easy to see at least 6-7 maybe more! Conclusion: They seem to go where ever they want at night…there is no boundary as of yet still … they get around!

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    Bravo,, I Applaud the fact’s that you continue to ,Find them , In places that would never be
    Let’s say aplace anyone would look or think about,, You have Opened Mind’s to ,Reality ,,
    They have the ability to show up,, Where only Freeman Young, Had the Instinct’s to Look,,
    These Places, are not ,Typical of what the average ,,Sasquatch/ Bigfoot , would be Found,
    They seem to ,Have no Limit’s,, No Boundaries,,this Prove’s to me, their Intelligence.
    Yes ,some top Rated Hunter,s,, In all of their Attempt’s Were not able to do, anything, close,
    To what You Have Accomplished, and do so, When You want,, There is alot left to Search,
    About, to see what Science, Will say, I Say Freeman Young, Showed us the Reality of it.

  2. Jenny says:

    Bravo again Gosh You are AMAZING!!!! Yes Come to my town if ya wana!! Im in Louisiana,, Ive never seen seen Our Furry Friends But I believe they Are Here too and Everywhere!! Wow Love how you do give them their Privacy!! Great Job and Thanks For Sharing

  3. Ian says:

    Hey Freeman, so exciting that these guys are in so many of our backyards and neighborhoods.
    Thanks for keeping us so current with your findings!

  4. Crossbow says:

    Many years ago I went to a local symposium on Sas- and I thought I spotted famed hunter Dahinden sitting in the back. I understand he hunted with a rifle, with the intention of obtaining a body.
    I read somewhere, in all the decades he looked, he never spotted a single one!

    Your stories pave the way for future “hunters”, and make me want to get in the car and head to the bay area!


    • James Smith says:

      hello crossbow, i’ve always felt that mr. dahinden was very overrated in the sasquatch field. everything i ever read or anything i ever watched that he was involved with he always came off as its my way i’m right , you’re wrong . end of story. he would not even entertain the thought that sasquatch was anything other than what fit in his little box. i wasnt aware that he had never seen one. maybe thats why he seemed like a bitter old man. i could be wrong, just the way he seemed to me.

  5. Paul says:

    It would be my dream to witness a successful Squatch Hunt n kill. To see the RAW power and trained techniques passed down from their ancestors. But alas, the best i can get is getting the pants scared off me when i wonder around their neck of the woods at night. Always Unseen but still able to have it’s presence known.

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