This is embarrassing…

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well I thought I should share my humiliation with you… since it’s my edge to share this as I was hoping for a completed outcome by now so since it’s not going to change anytime soon I might as well bring you in on this so if and when the desired out come happens there will be some real time context and it will make a better report…

Couple weeks ago the day I was shooting the prints at the bus stop I got carried away and started shooting the area… that corner where they cross over & under etc…I went down into the culvert I had my skate board as I was waiting for the bus to go to work when I saw those tracks …down in the culvert … More…across too… so I set my skate against the tree down where no passer byes could grab it etc…(there were none anyway)! and started to shoot walking the short distances  down in culvert and following the tracks here and there… I would be away from the board and out of eye shot for a few minutes with my attention focused on the tracking… when I first came up out of the culvert my board was against the tree and I thought about the night shot of eyeshine I caught in that spot so I put myself in that position and I felt like I was being watched..but I couldn’t see any with my eye but I know cameras may so I just very quickly snapped a shot looking up hill where the feeling was coming from and then turned around fast and kept tracking… up to the street…across then down 50 yards to the corner at the school and then along the creek side and back and then the bus hadn’t come yet so I was ready to go again and I go down and WHERE”S MY SKATE?! I look around I know where I left it…It was gone… I hope sasquatch has fun trying to ride it! AND I was really wanting them to give it back….that hasn’t happened YET! we’ll see if it is returned… it happens sometimes folks ‘lose’ stuff then it shows up again.. so now I’m riding my bike more… so don’t leave anything ‘FUN’ unattended if squatch are around … it might just “disappear”….

Anyway  my board with BF painted on it as well, Like I said .. I hope they like the new toy!! Fascinating isn’t it!? wonder if they wanted to one up me or try it out or what?! Right? So that was the day, like around noon, and that night I return with the dog to the school it’s about 10:30 pm… I have my night vision and I take the dog around the side and around the  back way,  not the usual play ground gate…and I come around the corner and a big barn owl fly’s out in my face it’s wings fanning me with air as it takes off from a dead stump about 5’ft high..and That wakes me up! !! I’m looking around with NV and see Nothing…

walk out between the buldings and looking nothing…nothing no eye shine no knocks NADA! I let the dog cruise around and I get a chill and I decide time to go back and I start for the main gate… as I get pretty far across, I notice my dogs not with me… I call and he doesn’t come that’s weird?? I pull out my NV and try and see where he is and I spot him… he’s in the little kids playground… ‘Bridge,  slides, etc… and he’s sitting wagging his tail …so I call him again and he’s just staying where he is looking totally cute and like he doesn’t want to come for some reason? I’m starting to get annoyed and I increase my tone to get his attention and he still won’t come.. I’m doing all this as I’ve been walking back toward him and looking in the NV I see his leash is straight out as he’s pulling against it and still sitting and wagging and I follow the leash to a SQUATCH sitting on the ground one hand holding the leash the other over it’s face sort of peek a boo like looking through it’s fingers and I notice a smaller one up at the top of the slide crouching into a ball it’s eyes gleaming in the NV! And as I notice all this in that moment she lets go and he comes to me and I’m about 15 yards away looking through the NV and my mind can’t quite grapple this fact… that I’m looking at 2 squatch one a child the other a bigger sister in the little kid toys at the school yard,,,they were right next to me and I over looked them cause I have always seen them over the fence in the open space… this is the first time I have ever seen them “playing” on the school grounds… where I just was standing a few minutes earlier… I look and look as she just sits there one leg out one up and looking away with her hand covering her face and it felt to me as if it was somehow just as hard for them as it was for me to be in close proximity and groc this all… so I turned and walked away and when I got almost to where I would loose sight I looked again and the little one had gone down the slide and went up the ladder and she just sat and looked through her fingers and I gazed amazed and left… it really was an interesting few moments between us … nothing ‘usual’ at all… it was really interesting that it happened all on the same day… EPIC… left me with a ton of inspiration for this work…more to come for sure now it’s just starting to get good!

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    Well, just think a minute , they knew who owned the Skateboard and the dog ,,,Why would,
    a Sasquatch, well two, one a youth and Older sister, I Think it had somethingto do with,,
    The fact they had been watching, the Owner for year’s, and looked upon his Board, Dog,
    And Him as family, so starting to understand, they believed it was the right thing to do,,
    And watching his dog, he said ,It is Wagging his tail and happy,, not scared of them.
    Who say’s you can’t teach an old dog new trick’s,,Well it is Obvious, to the Owner.
    Of the Dog, they were both taught a life Lesson that day ,maybe for awhile, just awhile,,
    They were claimed,, to belong to the Sasquatch, and still belong, all of them, to one ,,
    Another. Waiting for the Bus,, Has It’s Rewards

  2. Crossbow says:

    Can you give any specific reasons for “sister”- female for sure?

    • treepeekers says:

      call it a hunch… Matriarch’s are just BIGGER in every way…. this one was a female and only about the same size as me 6′ ft is not a mommy yet… it didn’t feel like there was anything in the space except “hey Yo whats up… quit with the IR in the eyes!” that’s it! No others around…unusual for “KIDS” to be out at the school yard in the night to play? I don’t think so… I think it’s happening all over this country every night … if the school is in or around a pod, they play… on backyard tree houses and swings< playgrounds in city parks and any other 'Man Made' amusements including after hours in Six Flags or Disney World I bet they've gone in to check it out … maybe even on a regular rotation if the park has a "no mans land" over grown water shed space next to it. then for sure… they do!!

      • Crossbow says:

        A question about peeking through her fingers- you’re convinced it was in response to the NV’s Ir illuminator and not the “hiding” reflex they seem to have?

  3. Jenny says:

    OMG How neat is that!!! Oh I think that is the BEST BF story I Have ever Heard!!! I Love it!! Thank you So much for Sharing that,,, tooo Cool

  4. Candy says:

    Hi my friend, we haven’t spoke for a while, but I have been reading your blogs, they blow my mind every time! Love ’em!

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