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yesterday I was out with the dog and I was trying out my new cell phone camera and way up about 1/4 mile from where I was they were on a big dead Oak white bleached by the sun against the fall yellows the usual greens of Laurels and live Oaks and the jet black or auburn brown a few bear brownish black were all peeking in and out of the dead tree. Easily spotted as the dark figures moved a few seconds in view then a few seconds gone all sort of taking turns looking at me down below….

I look through my binocs and wow now that’s right up close and I think I could perhaps get the shot on my phone if I can aim through the binocs…so that’s what I did… Looking at the clip today I was stunned that when it finally did find the focus it was a fantastic second or two of a auburn in plain site the peekers captured moving in and out and the struggle to keep the lens on the center point was frustrating me no end .. but I did get a few very good moments and can’t wait to down load from the phone to this computer! I also found video files I thought I lost and I’m very excited to go through and take a look see what may be lurking in those earlier attempts at capturing the squatch! I have surprised myself lately with some very good video that I had at the time of the shoot dismissed as useless then years later finding that what I thought I shot and what I actually shot were very different and not only fun but interesting and revealing…so it’s a bit of time watching the old videos and editing the good from the bad in between going out and checking daily for the latest new clues… which reminds me … it’s been 10 days since the city cut back the over growth of willows and that car crashed into their lookout spot at the corner and the first green tree break has appeared fresh new and classic…It never takes long for them to remark the turf when the crews cut the old markers away. I also noticed that they have been “re arranging the furniture” so to speak, getting the forest ready for winter by pulling branches of Laurels down and making evergreen screens to hide behind now as the leaves are beginning to turn and fall has begun… they do this every year as well creating and training the trees and foliage to help them to be invisible to man… The ‘return’ of the migrate-rs is about to happen and I’m hoping to be ready this year to record and capture all the sounds of the arrival… it’s the one night a year when they have a party and they don’t seem to care how much racket they make or who’s listening! Should be in about 5-7 days from now as I got a call from my bros up in Mendocino Co. letting me know they have arrived there and what a racket they made and are still making! Some researchers don’t agree that they migrate but I found that the teenagers and the oldest preteens stay back and the littlest ones that ride on the adults go with and they are gone from April north and return in October south to be around all winter and there are even pods that just pass through on their way further south maybe as far as mexico and central america… just a hunch I have not been able to follow them yet but I plan on it in the future following them around via my super secret Sasquatch techniques and communications! lots of more facts to be revealed folks.. a baby step at a time!

  1. Crossbow says:

    Do you have/plan on using audio equipment for the party?

  2. treepeekers says:

    yeah we have audio for sure…some other stuff as well… not sharing that quite yet…

  3. JP Smith says:

    It’s natural to want to know all of the answers right NOW! But, the truth is…we can only take in so much at once. Patience is one of the keys to understanding. It’s not as cut and dry as “they do or do not exist”.

    Patience and persistence!


  4. Jenny says:

    Well Personally I think You are the SASWHISPER!!! Thanks so much for Sharing with us!! Soo Awesome

  5. treepeeker says:


  6. Dan Elliott says:

    Your observations seem to be Accurate,, each area may and probably differ,,the difference can ,
    Only be by the climate ,, and food sources, and population’s an d the Activity of Human’s
    could be a Problem,, they are very good at Blending in and Hiding right in Front of You
    and you never know it.

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