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Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

HERE’S the latest up date … We had a lot of fun talking about our different experiences. answering callers questions and giving away our new book  “Communion With Sasquatch” Last night on the blogtalk’s ‘NEAR Paranormal’

Listening to this will fill you in to where I’ve been at…check it out!


To find my art in stickers to framed canvas check the link below  type treepeekers in the redbubble site search

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  1. Dan Elliott says:

    I Would just like to say that many People,, Have Been , astounded to find someone,, In a Mindset ,,
    That was Similiar to their Own, Whom had Experienced,, Many If not all the same thing’s.
    Freeman, You Have made many People ,, Alive to find You, and toKnow they were not going, Crazy,
    You have Liberated All of Us, And Given Something that Is Rare,, The Knowledge Of a being ,,
    Magnificent In Every Way, They are ,, what You make them,, Respect In them will Prove to be,,
    One of the mostJoy filled, Event’s to Occur in Life, , And disrespect for these People can turn,,
    Into a very ,Sad thing,, So it is,, Treat All thing’s, WithRespect ,, And all People’s. They Live,,
    In out of the way, Places, So tell Everyone, that has or may, To Be Kind and Respectful.
    Thank You Freeman, and all of your Reader’s,,and Fan’s.

  2. treepeekers says:

    THANK YOU DAN!! I Am moved by your kind words of acknowledgment! I am passionate about authenticating, vindicating and activating this “awareness” in anyone interested in finding what’s out there, what can happen if… and the process one goes through to get to a place of ‘Communion’ and “my easy steps to encounters” books will both be out soon!! Your words are inspiring me to ‘do’ more to reach all aspiring “Hominolgists”

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