excerpt from a ‘Squoaching’ conversation

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is how i relate with the folks who I’m “squoaching”!! This person lives alone in a suburban setting with the woods weaving through and has really blown the roof off all previous world views…

This is what I call “just another day (night!) at the office! …check this out

somewhere in the Great South… “ Last night I came in near 11 pm and was out back feeding the kitty, and I gave a long one note whistle, about 4 blocks away was a very loud wood knock, so I repeated whistle, & they followed by two more knocks. Then near in the woods close to home, breaking of limbs, and then the high pitch sort of cricket sound of lalalalalalalala, so I softly said hello, I’m home, and then the lalala again, another crack of wood, I said are you ok, another crack and lalala, a soft one note whistle from half a block away, and then one loud tree knock from 4 blocks away. It was nice to be home and back with friends.”

This is a person who’s privileged to all my insight and info from Treepeekers new book “Easy  Steps to Sasquatch Encounters” we’ve working hard and steady to release ASAP! Along with “Communion With Sasquatch” as a contextual guide for this material

the above student is way ahead of the game! And you will be too! I will guarantee it! IT’s  as easy as 1-2-3 !!

for more info go to http://communionwithsasquatch.tumblr.com/

also for my specialized visionary art laughinsquatch   go to  www.redbubble.com in the search window type

I’m a Ni’aeve Visionary Artist!I Re-create
MY Sasquatch Class A Encounters, Native American Ceremonies, Light- body-anatomy and
Ascension Codes,

treepeekers by laughinsquatch
treepeekers by laughinsquatch
treepeekers by laughinsquatch
treepeekers by laughinsquatch
treepeekers by laughinsquatch
 to contact us for any reason
Happy Squatchfication!!!

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