2011 RE-CAP & 21 DAYS so far In 2012

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

March 2011 : Decide to take action about my interactions with BF and contact Facebook Find Bigfoot… My Debue Psychedelic BF art exhibition with Ecoartopia is at the worlds first ‘Marijauna Industry Convention’ in California…

April: Treepeekers is born with Intention of Connection to ‘others’ with intimate BF experiences…

May: Movie Shoot on tour with FACEBOOK FIND BIGFOOT‘s Jack Barnes< Max Meridius> Bob T (sasquatchsounds.com) & Me(Treepeekers) out there getting Flir shots of BF talking & tree shaking + more discovered during later analysis….as well as shots that  I got with a hand held flir in my neighborhood of two or three one definitely peeking behavior smooth and fast + who knows what else they may have that was found…this movie length documentary is in the final stages of post production by the Australian film crew and with any luck maybe out this spring…. GO Aussies!…

June: Treepeekers documentaries keep ‘rolling and filing’ with all sorts of new discoveries (yet to be released)…

July: Treepeekers continues to grow with it’s all time high day of 641 reads in one day a spike that was due to a review from FACEBOOK FIND BIGFOOT‘s Jack Barnes…

August: JP Smith contacts me about my interactions with BF and my ideas about how to where when & why start to gel… work begins in new venues with http://www.redbubble.com treepeekers/laughinsquatch Art on sale for hoodies, t’s, post cards, posters, canvas  everything in one place!

September: JP & I decide to team up against the world! Communion begins with interviews with Dennis & Jeff… “Squoaching”‘ Sasquatch Encounter Coaching’ concept with 20 clients world wide all have success within a few attempts…

October: I begin interviews for my part in “Communion with Sasquatch” and have live encounters while on the phone during interviews I also have a ‘paranormal experience LIVE as well… ‘Easy steps to Encounters’ book based on my experiences guiding or  ‘Squoaching’ folks with my field tested strategies also begins…

November: Treepeekers Publishing facebook page is created to announce the up coming events Treepeekers is sponsoring…First Radio Interview is on Near Skeptics & Believers blogtalkradio & has record listeners having a lot of fun! Treepeekers/youtubeChannel is born and now has 10o up loads 120 subscribers and 9000 views….

December: Discoveries of pod structure, eyeshine, and local territorial rotations, sasquatch farming and ‘other’ discoveries are experienced & Treepeekers is documenting everything daily and writing editing the books is steady… So long 2011 it was a good year…

FOLKS there was so much more! I want to let you know that the terms ‘expeditions and research‘ are to me not accurate AND  from now on I’m  going to call them simply  ‘INTERACTIONS’ because although I am gathering information always, AND since  I’m not disconnected from the events. ..then it’s as Einstein says “From experience we know”…Get me?

January 2012: It’s been a feverish pace in 2012 with non stop action in the field almost daily new amazing vids with some great ‘easy to see’ sasquatch captured in them.. the books are almost ready and plans to release buy no later than January 26 2012 are at hand with a release tour like never before in the planning stages Treepeekers “100th Hominid Tour” Incorporating never before attempted technologies live steaming webinars and BOTH live  hosted field techniques & encounters shows… ‘FINGERPEEKERS’ kIDS DIVISION OF TREEPEEKERS IS BORN 1ST FINGERPEEKERS EXPEDITION PRODUCES SEVERAL CLASS B’s parents and kids love this! Collaboration with nature scape realist artist Alex Evans on a life size and as real as possible model + consultation on ‘pod life & structure’ for Posters and web pages + BF conference in May where Treepeekers  are invited speakers…. appearance on Midnightwalkers blogtalkradio

There’s is more of course i just can’t think of it right now sooo this will be a work that will adjust as more info comes in….Just wanted to share with everyone what’s been happening…& I want to thank you one and all for your contribution  and ALL our  friends and supporters  A very heart felt THANK YOU From All Of Us

At Treepeekers Team


Homi’s too!

  1. Dan Elliott says:

    The Thoughts on this has changed the way that people think about Sasquatch ,,
    and the Technigue’s Involved are taught by the one and Only Freeman Young.
    He has changed the way we look at the Possibility, and the Reality, of the true,
    Majestic,Intelligent Being’s Follow Him as he Venture’s Into their Realm, and ,,
    Be sure to Alway’sLook and listen for Upcoming Event’s by Freeman.,and all
    of you who want To Get Painting’s, an d Hoodies ,And All the Great Artistic,,
    Item’s that could only Come From the Mind of Freeman Young.

  2. Crossbow says:

    Regarding the tree signs video: I suspect idea that they climb *up* the smooth debarked eucalyptus as unlikely.
    The idea they use it to come down- like a fireman descending a firepole, seems however, very logical from the point of mobility. It even explains the “banana peel” appearance of the bark at the tree base.
    A new kind of squatch sign- a firepole tree!

  3. treepeekers says:

    yeah and it really sticks out when the tree is peeled and it’s the only one next to a grove full! and once they get way up there they ‘monkey around’ and keep watch and flash eye shine and knock and do breaks from up there too! they really can hide in the tree tops and not be seen… the recent tree break of a lower branch … someone commented they break all the time … where’d ya get that?
    live in a grove like I do? NO if ya did ya would know how ignorant that statement is…sorry bub do your home work ….not you cross bow but the person who said that…maybe it was on Treepeekers Youtube channel perhaps anyway thanks for the comments crossbow !:)

  4. Crossbow says:

    A thought and a question- There is a pistol grip type camera mount system called the Barska Accu-grip. It’s under $20 and might be helpful with camera shake.

    Looks like you’re mostly slumming around the east bay parks district. It’s big, and I notice there are redwoods in that area of cali too. It’s pretty obvious following your website that squatch are a tree utilizing species- so here’s the question; Do you think they inhabit the big tree’s? Or do they utilize shorter denser tree types?

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