Bottom Line: I Use Logic

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
I want to introduce and acknowledge Alex Midnight Walker Munoz. In this piece he posted to a Bigfoot group page on face-book  so eloquently and I’ve felt this exact way a lot of times  so I’m posting it here with his permission… couldn’t have said it better myself !

  • It seems like all things bigfoot tend to take their course in polarized views. Blogs are no exception to that fact. I’ve observed several blogs over the years and most inevitably fall victims to bigfoot-rock-star-ism (and the wood ape stupidity that comes with it), bigfootforums mentality (I’ve never seen a bigfoot but I can tell you why you’re wrong…and oh btw crazy too) or just plain fizzle due to lack of content (let’s face it…we all have to make a living at our own jobs). While I enjoy reading what other researchers do, it takes time to sort through their material or even track it. I also don’t have all the time to be visiting the plethora of blogs that exist on this subject although there are some good ones.

    Most recently (last year), I was relegated to visiting a blog “aggregator” that I had encouraged early on to capture the local researchers. I had told him that no one was doing that and he should do it. Most suffered from the sicknesses mentioned above including wedging their noses up MM, Meldrum and all the other rock star’s buttocks, while not considering the folks that were up close and personal with the subject at hand through their intent focus in the field. Anyway, that place eventually went the same route as the others. I say hasta la vista because it’s become the bigfootforums crowd that I’ve laughed at for so long. Does bigfoot exist? Can he be captured in a cage? Evidence is demanded and when you present video evidence we’ll call you hoaxer because we know so much. LMAO I have zero tolerance for fools who come out of the wood works and think they can make philosophical logic out of this enigma that proves itself every bit of incredible when you’re actually in the field…as opposed to sitting in your bookstore and philosophizing.

    I am not here to make friends with the aforementioned or the bullshitters (you know who they are). Do I care if anyone in this field takes offense to my statements as it relates to those people? NO! My objective was to find the truth when I spent all those hours in the field, while sacrificing my social life. I was obsessed and passionate about it. I’ve seen these forest people on more occassions than most would accept and with most sightings being large forms in the night that were unmistakable due to their stature. Both myself and my friends who accompany me have captured some excellent intelligence via audio that provides a exceptional purview into the sasquatch world and their actions. These exercises have taught me much more than foolish attempts to video tape them.

    Bottomline, I use logic when I say that sasquatch are people…not because I feel it passionately. NO! I make this statement because of the field evidence and experiences that I have journaled over the years. That field evidence includes having recorded their speech, recorded them in various situations, having conducted various interactive exercises with them in the field and so on. It trumps philosophy, showing my fat face on videos to gain views as I tell you that I am a skunkape expert (never having had an experience) or even being a wildlife or outdoors expert.

    All this said, that explains my passion and why I dislike bigfootforums crowd, as well as blogs that emulate that mentality with people that post along the lines of a bigfootforums poster. They communicate nothing but disinformation on this subject and call the people that I know in the woods some very derogatory terms. I would rather follow experienced sasquatch researchers (experiencers) that are in the field and ultimately corroborating the same type of results that I and many others with actual field experience have gotten. I look forward to finally reading an informative and more substantive blog that may even aggregate other like-minded blogs’ content in a partnership approach. Thanks to J.P. Smith (talent writer) and Freeman Young (experienced researcher) for having taken on that endeavor and I will personally support them for my own selfish reasons of wanting to find QUALITY content on this subject at one location. Alex MW

      • Thank you Alex…We at TREEPEEKERS agree and back you up 110% !

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