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Treepeekers Is what you notice as a consistent behavior when having had an encounter (or many encounters) This is also a term I use for the folks that are way past the ‗proof‘ conversation. This what I call the next level of awareness in this RELATIONSHIP that develops as our understanding grows about Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Almaste‘ both through educating ourselves and experiencing for ourselves TREEPEEKERS in the woods, swamps, or out back.
TREEPEEKERS is an artistic, passionate and dedicated tribe of hominoid researcher /inter-actors who are committed to this adventure, not to finding Sasquatch.
From experience we know that they are out there and we at Treepeekers in these following pages will demonstrate for you and the world, one-by-one that the proof is in the experience. Once any person experiences the Sasquatch they are forever changed. This change is indeed reflected both individually, as well as collectively within the person’s body, mind and heart …an awakening of sorts…when we become aware of them and learn to cultivate this awareness. The more we do it the more we get it and where it leads…that‘s what we‘re all about.

Treepeekers strives to embody an attitude of cooperation—not competition with other hominid research and scientific paradigms. We are focusing upon the unity through areas of agreement, while reserving the mutual right to respectfully, agree to disagree in areas of ideological difference. If you just can‘t believe what I‘m saying that‘s ok! There‘s enough Sasquatch to go around for everybody who‘s interested and has enough intent! Go for it in your own way and allow us each to have our ways of understanding and you by all means keep to yours! This is not about who‘s right or wrong. It‘s about something entirely more exciting than simply ―do they exist‖, but if that‘s where you‘re at, it‘s a fine place to start!

Contact me here regarding a sighting or to book a presentation/talk or appearance fot your radio or TV show, media interview, conference, meeting, school, library or other venues.


So glad to hear there is more information on the way.  I am on the second reading of this one and getting even more out of it the second time through.  I am in total harmony with your attitude and approach, Freeman.  In fact, I would pay you the highest honor I can think of by calling you a MEDIATOR!  You actually seem to be bridging realities here that will benefit everyone.

“SQUOACHING”  UPDATE From Central Coast California.

Hey Freeman. Things are happening quickly here, where it has been quiet since last summer. Prints, I’m finding prints. On my famous “other side of my backyard fence” route and this morning, about 7am, in my backyard right by my sliding glass door. Wet footprints that looked to come down off of my sons covered sandbox, onto the cement, then one coming off my back step and into the “garden.” Juveniles, for sure. A while back I told you I sprinkled some tobacco and sage on the other side of my fence and along with it gave a sparkly wish stone with a star sticker on it, a pine cone, a feather…I think that’s it. Well last week I thought, man It’s been a while I’ll go out to the forest. I checked where I’d left it, by the “gate structure” It was gone, but it could have been a storm. My dogs began to act weird, so we left and that’s when I found the prints. I also noticed bones scattered along the trail. That night I picked up Impossible Encounters and read through it and there’s a part about the woman collecting gifts from them. It dawned on me…One of the bones was surrounded by 4 pinecones in a crescent moon shape, up by the gate and just off the trail by the base of the tree I knocked on(when they put that tree down in response). I decided to go out alone the next morning. 9 am, I walked out of my house and towards the entrance and I heard whoop, whoop, and whoop! Loud from the forest. I acknowledged them, smiled and said hi. I went into the forest and went straight to the bone with the pinecones. I took a pic on my phone and reached down to pick up. Immediately I hear what sounded like walnuts or small rocks being clicked together very rapidly, click click click….click click click… click click. I smiled and looked into the forest, nodded my head and smiled. Thanks guys, this is cool! Again click click click…click click click…click click click. It happened really fast! I returned a feather, seashell and bright orange gecko, kids plastic toy on the opposite side of the tree, facing the forest. Last night while taking the trash out they were scanning me I put my boy in the car and said out loud, stop it! You’re freaking me out, stop! Coming home about midnight, I swear I saw one in a tree. A big black shadow up high hugging a tree. The shadow had girth and it wasn’t there this evening, I drove by to see. This morning tracks outside my back room door, they must have looked in the window. I’m freaked out but only a little. I’m freaking MYSELF out because I meant to leave gifts to say hey, we’re cool but could I have accidentally started habituating? These Juveniles have no fear. Let me know. One of the pictures is an attempt at a close up of the toe impressions but didn’t come out well. One print has 5 toes the other I could only see three but it was smeary in the mud. The ones in the back yard were my size feet (91/2 woman) and one was bigger but, again, smeary in the mud. It’s been raining like crazy these past 2 weeks.THE ABOVE IS A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU COULD BE EXPERIENCING AFTER READING MY BOOK EASY STEPS!
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