Welcome Shel Kaoke Dion to Treepeekers

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

382074_4122055494141_1002162093_nI am excited to announce that Treepeekers has a new partner to colaborate co author & co create to contribute to this blog with and to Treepeekers Publishing and Treepeekers.com and all World Hominid Research projects &  Encounters Courses! Welcome aboard Shel Kaoke Dion! We are delighted to have your insights and experience added to this on going perspective evolution! Look forward to new editions coming out soon!

  1. Shel Kaoke Dion says:

    Thank you Freeman and JP!! I am very honored to be joining you both and looking forward to all the future holds for us all. Our big furry buddies are helping us pave the way into the future and I couldn’t be more please to help educate the world and invite others on this amazing journey if they so choose to hop on the track to the future. ( no pun intended) but tracks are always a fun find! 🙂

  2. JP Smith says:

    It’s such an honor to have Shel be a part of Treepeekers!

    She’s the kindest of souls with a very special gift of communication, amongst other things, and a dearly loved friend!

    Welcome, Shel! Here’s to our amazing adventures ahead!


    • Shel Kaoke Dion says:

      Thank you so much JP for your warm welcome… you and Free have become like brothers to me and truly feel blessed for the opportunities in working with you both. Happy New Year!!! XOXOX

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