Question your question!?!?!

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Feeling like the new kid on the block (blog) here … Hello everyone!

Most recently I was asked a question and that question brought up more questions as one thing always leads to another.  Which in my honest opinion is a good thing.  How else would we learn from each other if we do not have the curious seeking minds hunting down the true knowledge of people we know we can trust?   Simple:  we can not!   But, I do think some guidance in how people are approaching with questions wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Question your question!   Just what do I mean by that statement?

It has become my journey and destiny to help others understand and learn about The Sasquatch People.  Therefore, I am very accepting of questions and invite you all to hit me up  on those things you just can not resist asking.   I am in no way shape or form complaining about people asking questions but rather constructively directing people in a good approach technique.  There are a lot of people out there with a strong knowledge of our forest buddies and I am sure all of them would agree with me when i say question your questions.  This simply means that there are a lot of questions to be answered and there are not enough hours in the day if I were to sit down with each and every person that wants to pick my brain clean of Sasquatch cob webs.  Most of the time I find I spend half the time I allow myself to be available being redundant and repeating myself over and over.   It becomes tiresome and I found that I was losing my lust to do what I love to do most and that being to teach everything I know to as many as I can.  Simplifying your questions by asking yourself what you are intending to ask one of us first is a good way to save time on both our parts.  Then ask yourself what do I already know about this question>?  Sometimes just that little bit of injection of something you already know about the subject helps us direct a more pointed answer.   The answers are then not pulled from us like you were hunting down a cavity but a more flow in conversation that leads us further down the road.  Sometimes you can go from A to Z and skip B thru Y.   There are times you can not go through it like that and we need the A B C ‘s of sasquatch.  That all depends on the experiences and knowledge you already are bringing to the table.  The only way we are going to know this is how you approach.  Example:   I would like to know what fruits Sasquatch eat?     Person #1  Knows nothing of sasquatch and there question is fine where it sits and we are going to instantly realize this is someone we are going to have to start at A with and lead them on to maybe D.   A  lot of questions in between are gonna be asked back and forth.  Where do you live?   Do you know if  you have sasquatch living close to you?  Do you have fruit on your property that inspired your question?   It goes on and on like that and can be rather time consuming for both parties. Person #2.  Knows that they have disappearing fruit off their trees and they live in the Midwest.    Person #2.   Should direct their question with this:   I live in the Midwest and I know that I have Sasquatch living close by. I am wondering if they maybe the culprit as to why I have missing apples and pears off my trees. What do you think?  Person #2  just reduced their question down to a yes or no question.    How much time they just saved us and didn’t even realize it.

This little bit of help narrowing down your own questions and a little bit of self-analysis leaves open a bigger window of time for us to get in more questions answered and spend less time typing.  It will make for a more efficient blog that is more interesting to read and we will all have more time to put those hiking boots on and hit the dirt running.  Sometimes when we self-analysis we realize we already have the answers to our own questions.  We just need to think on it a little bit. I have an example of that as well and it comes from the topic of Bigfoot vocalizations.

I was asked if I could ask my clan if they could they could explain the meanings of all the calls they make!?!?!  At first I thought to myself, you have got to be kidding me???   Did someone just ask me to ask my clan what ALL the bigfoot vocalizations mean????  With all do respect I know those of you that know me seen my one eye brow lift and the other one dip.  So as I always do I pulled out Have Patients Shel 101 out of my back pocket and started typing along with a long winded sigh.  Here is my reply to such a suggestion.

Gee I would love to be able to make a catalog or dictionary rather as to what they all mean for them. It all comes down to simplistic realizations! I have been trying and trying to teach this but I just do not have enough hours in the day to always repeat myself … LOL I m not complaining… but rather frustrated that my point is never made sufficiently that people can grasp what i m saying… here goes ANOTHER attempt at some answers. Have you ever babysitted more than one infant? Infants all cry and only the mother seems to know or recognize what each individual cry means or which baby is hers for that matter. BECAUSE NOT ONE OF THEM SOUNDS LIKE ANY OF THE OTHERS With that in mind….. we have literally thousands of bigfoot howls, screams, cries, yells, bellers.. etc. recorded over decades! This is where I am once again making an attempt at saying… PEOPLE can not look at BIGFOOT as a specific breed of something and therefore we have this chart of each thing they do and the shoe is always going to fit each one.. the dictionary of bigfoot vocalizations ( speaking in terms of the howls, screams and yells ) is gonna signify a meaning for each and every noise they make. Literally impossible!!!    THEY ARE A PEOPLE… and each and every vocalization is going to be specific to that individual. Now when i say PEOPLE…. i m not calling them one of US for those sensitive types here… but I view them as an indigenous people! Now with all that in mind imagine you are at a big sporting event… How many whoops, calling out, screaming, etc do you hear come out of a crowded stadium… ??  NOW…. .tell me what each one meant if you can only hear it…. not see whom made it??  or what side of the stadium they were on?????…..  What kind of event or sport was being played?    and what was going on in the game… or what was that individual expecting to happen …. that didn’t… or did?????? GET MY POINT?????

So there was my reply! Now maybe you can understand why I came up with the topic… Question your questions!  There has got to be an easier method than always repeating ones self.   Let me break it down.   Could the person asking this of me or my clan approached this in a different manner that would have taken much less explanation and expression?  I think so!!!   Lets hear what you all think about this topic of question your question?!?!   Looking forward to our reader’s advice.    Shel 🙂

  1. David says:

    nice post, I am often guilty of asking the questions before thinking them through, it’s very easy to do and probably comes from me not having trained myself well enough in the art of questioning but I think most of us are guilty of that to some degree.I think if people take your advice it will certainly help them to get the answers they are looking for and again great post!!

    • Shel Kaoke Dion says:

      Thank you David!! Really appreciate your comment. It gives a lil insight as to what people are taking from my words and ramblings!! I am thankful for the time you spent giving us feed back! Shel 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Sometimes people may be testing your knowledge of the sasquatch with those questions. Just a thought. Enjoyed reading your stuff as always. Thanks!

  3. Sue says:

    Gosh Shel, anything to make what you do easier on you. No complaints here and I thought you had solid advice. 🙂

  4. Questioner says:

    This would be a good post to share with newcomers to the groups that you and I belong to, Shel. People who are fairly new to the group, or to who you are and what you do, probably have not heard or read any of your previous explanations for questions such as the one posted here, especially if those explanations were posted on another page that has since been deleted. It’s good for newcomers to know ahead of time to be sure their questions are as specific as possible. Sometimes a person’s question has implications that they assume are understood; problem is, everyone doesn’t think or communicate the same way.

    Since that was my question, I will explain what it was implying. Just as the forest people have meanings assigned to stick structures that (I assume) are understood by all Sasquatches, and just as there is a code of distance assigned to wood knocking (3 knocks in response to one knock means “you are far away”, one knock in response means “you are very close”), I was thinking that maybe there are also meanings assigned to certain vocalizations such as a howl, or the mimic of a certain animal. Do you understand what I mean?

  5. Shel Kaoke Dion says:

    I do understand what you mean. I just got done posting a blog about vocalizations that you inspired. I hope you didn’t take what I had to say in a bad way. It actually gave way to a very important topic as researchers we all come across. You are right it is a great tool for new comers to know… but the task to catch each new comer on a daily basis and have the time to take them by the hand and teach them some useful communication tools in facebook rooms would be way too big of a task and still be able to do what I do as far as researching and having a life. As far as the howls meaning a particular thing. I can not imagine they do unless there is some communication among a specific group that are playing a game or running around us trying to be covert and actively tell each other, “hey, when i make THIS call it means this.. or when i whistle you run” type of thing. Outside of that I can not imagine that specific calls are set in place for alllllllll the sasquatch to know and respond too. That is solely because of the reasons I have already stated…. they are individuals just like us. I have gone out with my team mates and listened to some of their calls and tried to mimic them myself… and NO WAY… i can not do it. Those are my friends and I hear their calls frequently. So a sasquatch being treated as an individual such as myself must stand by his buds and hear their calls and maybe he can mimic them and then maybe he may not… his just might have a sound and meaning all of its own. I have been in the deep woods with one of my team mates and heard a fox mating call RIGHT NEXT TO US. Was it a fox.. neither of us agreed it was a fox. Was it a sasquatch? Well they were all around us and we kept seeing the eye shine and shadows and witnessing the sounds of them walking beside us. What did that fox mating call mean? would it mean the same for all sasquatch? well thats a good question…. i would have to go back in time and ask that specific sasquatch… what are you doing? LOL

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