A short story: The end of summer

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

My brother had not been home in some time and I had been researching my ass off all summer and landed myself in the hospital and he never made it up to the hospital to see me as he lives in another state. So the day I come home so did he. So I couldn’t talk fast enough in my weak state to show him all i had learned and explaining to him what was driving us crazy as kids and young adults…. we tried endlessly playing night hunts outside to catch that stalker that drove us crazy… LOL << truly a lot my brother and i tried every booby trap and covert plan you could come up with to get rid of that pesky guy out there in the wee hours…. Quite intently he listened to my words and looked over my evidences and my first cast i was so proud of…. as we talked the sun was descending and he said… so it’s this time of night you can hear them in the corn field eating… come show me… with my mom protesting cause i could hardly walk from weakness…. and in tow complaining the whole way.. we all head out there and we walk up to the old big tree we played under for days and hours on end listening to the talking corn…. and he said, “show me Shel… show me how you speak to them” … well i said a few native words I had learned in their language from the Indians that walked our area years ago… they sure never reacted to my native tongue…. and a corn cob come flying out of the field. It hit an object behind us missing my brother’s head by a foot.   My brother lit up…. he picked it up and said out loud and i had no clue at that time my ears allowed them to hear English in their language yet. My brother said, ” Is that all you have to welcome me home… bad aim???” and he whipped that corn precisely where it had come from.. well a few moments went past as we stood there talking … and all of a sudden… corn kernels rained down on us all… the squatch in the field had shucked a few corn cobs and thru them and without missing this time it rained down a large amount of corn. With no further question… my brother started playing with them and it grew dark and he said.. OMG i am going to be late i am two hours behind…. and he tore himself away from old friends he had not played with in years…. now he calls me at random as he travels the country as a truck driver and will say… ” I talked to so and so and heard this tale” or ” I was on a dark highway late at night not many on the road and i seen something on the edge of forest move that was quite tall, not a deer or elk but tall”.. i just giggle and since then I have not enchanted my brother with anymore details of how it goes here at home or that they took me down the rabbit hole… for he is plugged in as i call it… into a world that allows him no time or simple pleasures… he is a slave to family and all that keeps the whole world from knowing and enjoying what a few of us are blessed with……Shel 🙂

  1. Jenice Story says:

    I love that story, and i laughed thinking about the big man taking the time with the corn to not miss. Ahhh good times.

    • Shel Kaoke Dion says:

      Thank you Jenice! Yes good time indeed! So often we hear of encounters and its the same ole thing someone seen a bigfoot run into the edge of the woods. For me and in my neck of the woods we get more interactions that actually visuals. Sometimes I do get the visuals but I have learned to enjoy the interactions just as much as a visual because you see their personalities shining through and their sense of humor. 🙂 Shel

  2. Rob ST.Clair says:

    I really enjoyed your story, I have never had an encounter but would love too. I totally believe in Mr big. I live in central Wisconsin and am looking forward to my first squatch trip. Any advice you would give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Shel Kaoke Dion says:

      Thank you Rob ST. Clair!

      Yes, actually our series of webinars are starting this Friday. Freeman and I
      will be LIVE on skype for you to learn how to do what we do. Email us at http://www.treepeekerswebinars@gmail.com... get on the list we are offering a 3 course
      webinar The first one is Essential Techniques for developing sustained interactions.
      The first session is March 01, 2013 Friday night 9pm eastern time. Beyond that there
      will be 3 more courses ( approx 3 webinars in each course 90 min long) So it is a 4 step
      curriculum offered to you and they will get you to Treepeekers graduate
      status. From that point on its up to you what you do with all that you will have
      learned. So glad you enjoyed the story… I have hundreds just like it. Been living
      with the sasquatch people since i was a 5 yr old.

      Hope to see you at the webinar!
      Shel Kaoke Dion

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